1. CW

    I see this news story was carried by the Jerusalem Post. Does anyone know if any American news outlet(s) carried it?

  2. JDE

    W/All the current antisemitism escalating, it should bring us all to our knees, for Israel. This is fast becoming The Day of the Lord, Messiah to come again. May G-D prepare the hearts of the Jewish people to be prepared.

  3. CW

    So many people comment on the “peaceful” Muslims, not realizing that they have a teaching (the word starts with a “t” but I can’t spell it) which allows them to lie and deceive others for the purpose of gaining a foothold, making headway in another culture, then when they’ve done so, “flip flopping” to the opposite position. In reality, they don’t flip flop; that ‘s what they believed from the beginning. This is a very insidious thing, it is very damaging to any culture (witness the devastation all across Europe), and all Christians need to be in fervent intercession about this. I pray continually for God to have mercy on America.

  4. JDE

    The UN has just voted 9 Resolutions against Israel. Persecution of this Jewish Nation should not be tolerated. PRAY FOR ISRAEL

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    It is very disappointing that liberals are continually being fooled by this false, hateful narrative. Those who curse Israel will be cursed; those who bless Israel will be blessed.

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