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  1. Frank Zuniga

    How sad you feel this way. I met Brennan manning at a church retreat. I was with him for a week. This was in 1980. Since then i have heard few who have preached the Mercy and compassion of Jesus as he did. I knew when i heard him at this retreat there would be no turning back from the gospel of Jesus. New Birth, then daily dying to self as Jesus becomes ALL in me and I in turn pour out all i have to a thirsty humanity who is and still literally dying to know Christ. Why are we so afraid of centering prayer. Is it that we might find Jesus way down in the naked part of our heart and soul wanting and waiting to clothe us in His goodness. Why are we afraid of the silent moment?? Perhaps will hear ourselves and how much our mind chatters to block out The quiet whispering voice of Abba Saying …. ….. I Love You You are mine and I am yours, Be not afraid.” I am hoping since the time you wrote this article you have come to know this Jesus who still waits for us (you) in the quiet so that we can worship Him in Spirit and Truth and be effective witnesses in a world of hurt. Most Sincerely In Jesus name, Frank Zuniga

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