1. T. I. Miller

    This morning of 8/11/18 this archived article caught my eye. Although 5 years old it is more relevant today. these warnings were not heeded. I suspect a link between this and today’s missional movement. even more sinister I suspect a link from this to the seeker friendly movement, They are primarily focused on church growth. They desire a growth in membership but not so much about growing in sanctification. Said another way this redeeming the culture nonsense is being practiced in the pews. They have replaced the term “culture” with the term “family”. They want to welcome people into their church family. No church is a family, rather every church is part of Christs body. We called to repentance and to holiness. Pastors no longer see feeding the sheep their primary duty. Rather they act like a CEO running a franchise company. The so called worship portion of the service is a gimmick to entice sheep from one fold into their fold. It is all theater with dim lights and Christian rock concert showmanship. I firmly hold to tolerance according to Rom. 14. Yet irrespective of the pastors heart it is wrong headed. Plan on being a team player according their vision/game plan or expect to be either nudged out or tossed out. Never assume church growth is proof that God is blessing it.

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