1. CW

    Elizabeth, I’ve read that too, at an article published by Harvard, of all things. I also have a brother- and sister-in-law who learned this firsthand — they were frequent marijuana users years ago and have a son who was born damaged by their usage. They did not know about this until then; the doctor informed them. He said that, among other things, marijuana causes neurological issues, including autism — there has been a sharp rise in this over the last few decades, as virtually everyone knows. I have wondered why doctors (including those at Harvard) have known this, yet have not been loudly vocal about it. A LOT of unnecessary damage and suffering could have been avoided. It’s a real tragedy.

  2. Anna Rosa

    Off topic, but while listening to a worship song on youtube there was an ad from Biola and they have the phrase ‘all as one’ in big letters under their name and the ad mentions something about ‘finding God in everything’ and stuff like that… just fyi if you want to look into it.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    I read many yrs. ago that marijuana also damages a fetus , causing birth defects. This fact is never mentioned. Pot use endangers others, not just the smoker.

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