1. Elizabeth Bennett

    The left is inflating Wuhan virus numbers to panic everyone and is also withholding the cures that are really working right now, like hydroxy treatment and nebulizer-steroid treatments. These treatments need to be started the day a person tests positive, not after they are intubated or in the hospital. People do not have to die, as those brave doctors told us a few days ago. Dems are milking this virus for all it’s worth in order to stifle and control us, especially believers. The cost of the hydroxychloroquine plus z-pack and zinc is only $20.00 for the entire treatment. Inexpensive and easy to produce. It should be available readily in all states, but my pharmacy said they have only a limited quantity and has to be prescribed by a doctor.

  2. Jeffry

    Why has Covid-19 cases jumped so much in the last few weeks? The testing method? Rioters destroying properties getting to close to each other? Not wearing a mask? Bars in New York City? Swimming to close to each other? The coronavirus testing showing high positive results that they have the virus? How many people got a flu shot last year? A flu shot would show the test to be positive that you have the virus when in fact you have antibodies from your flu shot for a coronavirus. We have many different viruses and in this case it would be a coronavirus. So what’s my point? Not all of the people getting tested really are sick with this coronavirus. So again we are given numbers that are not accurate. Very sad.

  3. CW

    You know, I’m honestly perplexed as to WHY anyone in America is going to bed hungry. I know that AOC made that statement recently (that this is happening in her state, NY), but is it true?

    So many people get food stamps, gov’t assistance, and are on unemployment, that charge seems rather far-fetched to me. A cousin moved to NY state a few years ago for the express purpose of getting public assistance that she couldn’t get in any other state.

  4. Jeffry

    California’s Governor ,a Democratic satanist ,has again told churches they are not permitted to sing and social distance for 100 people at Most. This is like telling people going to watch the Cleveland Browns vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers that no cheering is allowed. This COVID-19 will probably send the world into a Great Depression. 14 million children in America are now going to bed hungry. What a world we live in. The riots have not caused this rise in Covid-19? This Pandemic, I understand people are dying. Mostly older people that had health problems. How many people have recovered from this virus? Most people are sick for one to two weeks and no prescription drugs are needed. Why would a vaccine be needed for a bad cold or flu? This Pandemic is a mystery to me. We need truthful answers from these Doctors in charge.

  5. Jeffry

    Less than one-tenth of 1% of the population in California is closing churches again? They are also not allowed to sing? Not sing? That is like telling people going to watch the Cleveland Browns Vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers that they are not allowed to Cheer!!!!! The Governor of California Is truly a democratic satanist. This pandemic will put this world into another Great Depression. The media continually gives us “Statistics “ that they claim are “correct” about Covid-19. In college I had to take methods of Statistics for my degree. On the first day of class my Professor told us that there are 3 types of liars. Liars, damn liars and statistics. He told us statistics need to be done with great care or they can be made out to be false. Shame on CDC ,W.H.0. And all Doctors involved in this pandemic? Many of their numbers do not match-up.

  6. John J

    Yes, the NYT has lost credibility long ago; balanced reporting is the backbone of a good publication. As a former journalist at one of the biggest newspapers in my country, may I share the following? In my neck of coronavirus, COVID-19 infections from attending “church,” “church activities” and even flocking to mass meetings held by well-known false preachers (who have been told ‘god’ will stop this plague if they come and bring their money) are rather significant and high.
    However, and whether all these “churches” may be anti-biblical and peddling a false gospel, the numbers of infection simply can’t beat those of day-to-day activities. A single shopping mall (we have thousands of them) may infect so many more people, just as public transport, which is a huge problem where I live.
    Like so many people and organizations, the NYT is clueless as to what biblical, born-again Christianity is. Just as people see the devil everywhere, so the liberals think anything that says “God” is Christian, which is simply not true.
    I’ve just heard that California is closing down bars and cinemas, etc. again after a huge resurgence of the virus.
    The NYT is as secular and anti-biblical as you can get, and newspapers know how to make a story out of nothing (spin). The protesters’ absurd actions and disregard for others’ safety will still come back to haunt many. Let’s see if the NYT will do proper investigative journalism to find those numbers. Somehow, I don’t think they…

  7. CW

    It is becoming evident (as witnessed in other erroneous “news” stories) that the NYT has gone off their rocker, printing many false “news” stories in recent times, not caring if they are false because of their out-of-control hate for good and love for evil. It’s that simple and that awful.

    Their motto is “all the news that’s fit to print”. Unfortunately, it seems that a large part of their “news” these days is NOT fit to print because it’s comprised of LIES, not truth.

    This NYT article is a prime example. >650 cases out of 3,000,000 is “major”??? By whose reckoning? Not anyone’s who has any common sense, which they obviously lost a loooooooong time ago.

    Woe unto them! (says the Lord; Isaiah 5:20) for calling good evil and evil good. They will come to regret it.

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