1. John Bakewell

    I didn’t vote for the Labour Party of which Jacinda Ardern was leader but seeing some of the indecent vitiole against her, I am appalled that people descend to such depths of human degradation. One wonders how they treat their families.
    But as we know it’s God who appoints leaders.
    Both my wife and myself being immunocompromised ,we were glad that there were attempts to curb this virus. As with any happening, there will always be two side. As the saying goes her truth his truth and the truth. But far far worse than the unprecedented lock downs is the sexual-social mores that have been changed by her party and remind one of Ps 2:1-2.
    Change gender as often as like with stroke of pen, not even to physically have done it, all same sex permissions and now writing anti hate speech that will take away our right to tell people God loves them. For that would imply someone other than them has some control over their life and destiny.
    If Helen Raleigh does not know God, the Covid issues to her are the important ones. Therefore her rejoicing over Ardern’s resignation.
    It was for sure a spiritual issue this virus as it divided people and still does. One has to wonder what will happen if and when the so-called antichrist comes on the scene. Are people like Raleigh going to be able to recognise the danger to society?
    Yes recently both of us got one of the later versions of Covid and by God’s grace have been able to move on.

  2. Roger

    I well remember your previous article, and yes there were NZ churches that banned the ‘unvaccinated’.

    Thankfully other Spirit led fellowships continued to meet with no division between those that were and those that weren’t. I don’t remember any reference to these in the media – they may not have known.

  3. Roger

    I appreciate that LTR have posted this item for information and research rather than as a Christian topic.
    I live in New Zealand, am a born again Christian, am not ‘vaxed’ and whilst much of this article presents truth, it is biased in the way it is presented. Evidence suggests that Adern is not a ‘born again’ believer, I have no knowledge of the heart beliefs of Jacinda Adern or Helen Raleigh. If neither is a true born again believer, a member of Lord Jesus Body, then we who are cannot judge them, only pray that they might be led by Him to know Him and believe in Him unto salvation.
    Adern has been threatened, publicly, and ridiculed https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/end-of-an-error-auckland-farmer-mows-troll-message-as-jacinda-ardern-quits-as-prime-minister/D3QXM7RETNED5KJHBRY4OZ3QGI/
    She has also been accepted by the Maori people as an ‘aunty’, a term of respect https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/politics/touch-her-like-jesus-teary-ardern-farewells-pm-ship-in-peace/M2HYVR4IPBGTRDBXEZ6V6ATTZ4/

    I personally disagree with a number of her Govt’s policies, I didn’t vote for her party. That doesn’t stop my prayers for her through this time – and for others.
    We personally did not witness what this article implies. We were able to shop for food and medicines as required, we were not asked for vaccine passports, I could not get a medical exemption.
    Yes we had to queue, yes we went without items due to unavailability on the shelves – but so did the majority. There was little confrontation or abuse, although the media chose to publish the abuse they were made aware of, most were kind, enabling elders to queue jump, or would do their shopping for them.
    NZ had a very high ‘vax’ take, although my wife and I were asked why we hadn’t, there was acceptance when we explained, especially later when injuries and intolerance’s were experienced by those who had the ‘vax’.
    I suggest that the NZ experience was similar to other countries.
    Did the NZ lockdowns reduce deaths and hospitalisations? we will never know the truth on that for sure.
    The world was told these jabs were ‘safe and effective’ which was later changed to reducing death and hospitalisations.
    The Dictionary definition of vaccination has changed.

    The Parliament protest in Wellington was initiated by the few, to influence others who are easily persuaded. Possibly affected by the Canadian truckers protest, and by the Trump MAGA with logoed caps being sold and worn at the protest – why? because those were the easily persuaded ones.
    The world has lived through trying times. Yes there are agenda’s for population control and this may have been one of them.
    We are living through times spoken of in Biblical prophecy, times of trouble, plagues, unrest, wars, rumors of wars, and so much more. We are warned about these times worsening before Lord Jesus return, and we are counseled to look to Him and our Heavenly Father for His strength, guidance through the indwelling Holy…

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