Non-Contemplative Pillsbury Baptist Bible College to Close

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Lighthouse Trails has just learned that one of the few non-contemplative Christian colleges in North America is closing its doors next month (December). Pillsbury Baptist Bible College in Owatonna, MN made the announcement in October. Reasons given for the closure were national economic conditions coupled with school deficits caused by declining enrollment.

Pillsbury Baptist Bible College has been listed on the Lighthouse Trails Research website along with 14 other Christian colleges/seminaries as a school that does not promote spiritual formation/contemplative and/or the emerging church. We call it our good-college list. Sadly, most families are not looking for biblical learning institutions but rather popular, contemporary, and seeker-friendly ones.

We applaud Pillsbury and the other dozen or so schools for not succumbing to the pressure of dropping biblical truth in order to increase enrollment. Biola University, Moody Bible Institute, Bethel University, Wheaton College, and many, many other schools are going down the contemplative/emerging path, and taking too many students with them.

Want to know a quick way to find out where your school is at? See if any of these authors show up in the textbook list: Henri Nouwen, Rick Warren, Richard Foster, Rob Bell, Pete Scazzero, and Dallas Willard. All these men promote contemplative spirituality. If your school does NOT carry any of these authors and does NOT have a Spiritual Formation program, please let us know, and perhaps we can add your school to our “good-college list.”

In the meantime, farewell to Pillsbury – thanks for standing in these difficult times. We’re sorry to see you go. Click here to see our “Good-college list.”

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