1. Jeffry

    How are we doing Christians? Biden tells us white people becoming a minority in America as a”source of our strength “ and something “we can by proud of.” How are our Churches doing? Can we still gather on the Lord’s Day? We’re does our strength come from? The “Lords Supper “ will help. Please read: (Matthew 26:26-28) (Mark 14:22-24)( Luke 22:19and20.) Acts 2:41and 42) ( Acts 20: 6and7) ( First Corinthians 11: 23-26) and Matthew (18:20) For where 2 our 3 are gathered together in My Name their am I in the midst of them. Our strength is from Heaven. Our strength is in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary. Worship Him. Proclaim His Death till He comes for us!!! Pray Christians Pray!!!

  2. Jeffry

    Did Biden surrender America’s Southern borders for the United Nations One World Government take over? A open border is a symbol of a white flag to the Globalists that Biden has forsaken Our country? How long before America will have it’s first Communist Female President? What about Biden’s last COVID speech. Employer’s will say you must take the vaccines. Employee’s will say no. The employer’s will say “comply our they will get in their faces and threaten to ruin their lives”! There is going to be immediate verbal and physical confrontation all over America. Attacks will come. Government will blame attacks on “anti-vaxers” and “Trumpers”. False Flag attacks will bring chaos all over America. Satan is pushing his takeover of the World. Christians pray and be careful were you go. Pray about the United Nations meetings in America this week. The world is headed for Destruction!!! Noah is headed for the Ark. Pray for God’s Grace and wisdom in these last days. Preach the Gospel!!

  3. Jeffry

    Evil Satanists have been sacrificing men, women and to their god Lucifer for many years. It has been a bloodbath! This cancer has been festering beneath the surface for centuries! Now the “SCAMDEMIC has exposed it for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. We are close to the spiritual ruin of this world. Are their evil plans waking up the masses? The Gospel needs to be preached NOW! Praying and Preaching can still save many in Darkness. The Rapture is close Brothers and Sisters. Close as in any moment? Our Heavenly Father has been long suffering for many many years. Believe God’s Word Today. God Bess The Gospel.

  4. Jeffry

    The story of the century, Biden’s Tyrannical vaccination mandates and the mainstream media yawns. Postal workers use leverage from 2020 mail-in Ballot fraud to gain exemption from vaccine mandate. Really. From Public Health Data: 80% of COVID deaths in August were people who were vaccinated. Graphene Oxide to be added to many of the vaccines. A sure death for many taking Biden’s vaccines. Less than a month ago Biden and many in Congress said they were not allowed to force vaccines to anyone in America. Article 2 of the Constitution Agee’s that you cannot force vaccines on anyone. Our leaders are nothing but liars , trying to depopulate our country for the New world order. Satan has taught them well.

  5. Jeffry

    Our still President Biden is very close to ask the United Nations to come to America and take away our guns. All he needs is a terrorist attack. The head of HomeLand Security said “ white Americans “ and the taliban may join together in a terrorist attack very soon. Can we expect a“false flag “ attack soon? Do Americans know that America joined the United Nations in 1945? We have 5 permanent members on the U.N. Security Council. The U.N. does not believe in GOD. When Trump was President he removed many Charters that he did not believe in. Biden put all of the Charters back in play the first week he became President. The U.N. Condemns our border patrols that keep immigrants from entering our country. U.N. Charter Article 25 overrides the United States Constitution. America needs Christians to pray!!! Satan and his Demonic force is close to turning the World upside down. Pray for power from Our Heavenly Father.

  6. Patsy

    Looking for input. I had left my church due to its heavy seeker friendly atmosphere but continued on occasion to watch online. While watching past Sunday they were doing a toddler dedication. During the ceremony the pastor had the parent solemnly promise to God…… I was very perplexed and sensed that this was not right and not biblical. I love and miss the people there but my conscience leads me away if that makes any sense. I was very involved in the church for 3 years but I felt I was no longer helping the church and was becoming more confused and distant concerning things. So my question is 1) is dedications biblical and 2) should a pastor/ Christians make solemn promises to God. Thanks to all for any help in my confusion. God bless

  7. Jeffry

    Do Christians know that Communist China and Communist Russia are NOT taking this untested killer vaccine that the rest of the world seems to be taking? Do Christians know that young people in Israel are dying from this vaccine that we are taking? Do Christians know that the mRNA vaccine gives us Spike Protein’s that kill our white blood cells that will hurt our Immune Systems? Do Christians know that the Department of Homeland Security’s recent Document states that if you are against vaccines, lockdowns, masks and claim the last Presidential election was stolen you are a “Potential Domestic Terrorist” ? Are Government is taking us into the New World Order? Pray and be careful Christians. I read an article by a Apostate teacher that tells us that it is OK to let this vaccine change our DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Dear Christians we are near the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The world needs to hear the Gospel. Let not your heart be troubled. Pray Christians Pray. Even So, Come Lord Jesus!

  8. Dsle

    I appreciated this essay by Horacio Bonar and also the comments by Jeffry, which I wish more would heed to. Both so timely. We need to pray and stand for Christ!

  9. JW

    If you are thinking about taking what they call a vaccine (which is a Gene Therapy shot that is synthetic and will never leave your body) please watch this video first before you do that. It is only 6:58 mins long and is the truth about the shots.
    I hope this will save many from taking the jab. I pray for everyone whether you have taken it or not. We are all to be watchmen of the truth. This is truth. God bless all.

  10. Jeffry

    Infrastructure Bill contains Martial Law Provisions set to pass this week? 17 Rino Republicans and Democrats set to vote yes on The American-Ending Legislation? The Bill is a monster 2700 pages? Hate Speech against vaccines? Digital ID’s for all of us? AI involved? To name a few. Is it time to Preach the Gospel? Pray

  11. Jeffry

    Read Nehemiah Chapters 2 and 6 were Sanballat spoke. Nehemiah wanted to seek the welfare of the children of Israel and rebuild Jerusalem. Sanballet mocked and hated Nehemiah and his God. Nehemiah stood alone for God’s people and his God. Nehemiah stood without fear or favor. Christians need to do the same with love and kindness. We Christians can expect another Pandemic/ lockdown/ masks that will be worse than the last one until after the 2022 elections in America. Why? It means mail-in ballots will allow Democrats to steal another election and continue to turn the land of the free into a Communist prison. Also, please do not take any vaccines. Many vaccinated people are dying. My body, My choice? Pray

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