1. John

    That book, Castles in the Sand by Carolyn A. Greene, is a tremendous resource in the battle to warn and educate this generation about contemplative practices. And it’s a great read on top of that. We will be giving a copy to a Christian woman we know very soon–something we have done a number of times with this very special book.

    It would be great to give this to IHOP-KC people.

  2. vanessa walters

    I still re-read Carolyn Green’s 2 fictional books about Tessa and the Flat Plains Bible College..and nearly being killed by her former spiritual formation instructor..those books explain mystic prayers, labyrinths..etc as well as anyone out there. Good books!!

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    The O.T. prophets did not spend most of their time doing mystic prayers. They obeyed God’s voice and warned loudly of impending doom if the Israelites did not repent and come back to God’s Word. They were martyred for their efforts. The 12 Apostles, Paul and early Messianic Jews did not waste their time doing silent or mystic prayers. They evangelized at great cost. Mysticism is a self-centered practice that connects a person to the occult. Very dangerous.

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