1. Anna Rosa

    Part 2 They will only see us, whom they have mocked, ridiculed, contemptuously laughed at, inflicted abuse upon, and persecuted in endless cruel ways. But they will see us as His radiant bride, with no spot or blemish, in a garment of glowing white, a crown, and at His side forever. Oh how they will wish they had done things differently then! Now there is still time to repent, but then… there won’t be.

  2. Anna Rosa

    That happened to me too. What it makes me think of is this. You see how evil and crazy the world is and one event or another makes you fall to your knees. As you cry out from that broken place, the hand of Jesus reaches down and picks you up. You open your eyes and He lifts you up. You see the light all around Him. You get a new perspective that all makes sense. You read the Bible, see the fallen world around you on the fast track to hell, and it all makes sense. You thank God that you are now walking right side up. You look down and it is like everyone else is walking upside down, below the pavement in some other dimension. They all laugh at you, pointing at you and mocking as if you are the one who is the ‘kook.’ But you are upright and they are upside down, you see it all clearly, but they don’t. It’s like watching a freak show line up laughing at someone who is normal. But they don’t see what we do, of course. I go through that every day. And I keep smiling because I’m the one with joy in my heart. According to the Bible, we are the ones who will be ruling and reigning with Him, shining like stars forever. Those who don’t take His hand… won’t be. They will still be on the outside looking in. But, they won’t be laughing then. Part 1

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