1. Patty Canter

    For this man to have had as a way of life the sin of sexual immorality puts into question whether he was actually saved. The sins mentioned in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 are not a lifestyle pattern of living after one has been born again. A person might sin in those areas mentioned but it is not a lifestyle pattern after salvation. It sounds as though Ravi’s lifestyle was one of sexually abusing females over years and years and that he wasn’t truly born again. Deception does get worse as we come closer to the end of the church age.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Why was this double life of Ravi not revealed until after his death? Where was common sense and discernment on the part of his family and his organization? Why was this sin allowed to continue for years?

  3. Rita Chamberlin

    I find this hard to believe, not because I think it is beyond any evangelist/apologist but the questions are: Where was the Board of RZIM when it came to accountability? What about his traveling partners? If the allegations are true, it would indicate negligence of his organization and his family. Maybe compliance? Why did the therapists not speak out earlier? What about his wife? There are always red flags.

  4. Kay

    I agree. Shut it down. RZIM will be drastically downsizing soon according to them. Transitioning out of ministry should be easy. I have a feeling more information will be coming out in the coming months that won’t be good.

    Pray for those victimized by this. Pray for those that will need employment. Pray that the whole truth comes out and RZIM will do what the Bible asks, not what their PR and crisis management teams want. Many believers who came to the Lord through RZIM are struggling so please pray for them.

  5. SusanJ

    It’s a vital reminder not to be lifting up any preacher, speaker, writer, church or organisation. It’s a reminder that none of us know what goes on secretly with the people we respect and revere. And a reminder that sin WILL at some point be exposed. 1 Timothy 5.

  6. T. I. Miller

    May God bless LTRP for fixing your eyes on the hope of His appearance for walking the narrow path for boldly defending the faith from doctrinal and spiritual and moral apostasy. How many have fallen because of pride due to success and adoration. How many have fallen by being doctrinal fools . They condone what they ought to have condemned. How foolish of the laity to become theological groupies of a person or ministry. one must ask, is so called success a blessing or a curse from God. How many times did God put Israel to the test? Will He not also put the Church to the test? Will He find any faithful at His appearing? I think that seeker friendly is nothing less than being doctrinaly lukewarm. It is nothing less than fearing mankind more than than God.

  7. Manfred, we wholeheartedly agree with you about RZIM when you said, “RZIM must shut down . . . you can’t have a ministry named after a sexual abuse/predator.” Thank you for stating what will hopefully be obvious to RZIM leaders. Unfortunately, some of those RZIM leaders and writers have been pushing contemplative spirituality for many years so from the way we see it, their issues are insurmountable, and it would be best if that ministry shuts down all together.

  8. Manfred

    Yes as so many ministers before him…he fell from grace. Pity he isn’t alive to face the music and face the consequences. In the charismatic churches leaders are regarded as something special but they’re not…they are ordinary humans with human frailties. In short they are sinners. They get sucked into the vortex of money power and fame. Their followers love them and when they fall often so does the people’s faith fall. I hope this is not the case in this instance. RZIM must shut down and a new ministry begun…you can’t have a ministry named after an sexual abuser/predator

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