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  1. Truth

    Thank you for exposing ODB! Don’t grow weary or give up the fight standing for God’s truth in the Bible alone! I am spreading the word about ODB, ecumenism & ecumenical teaching. How Billy Graham & many other well known preachers are associated with Catholicism. Billy Graham is not who many people think he is. Do your own research about him & Catholicism, you will be shocked! Search for ecumenism or ecumemical followed by names of popular preachers like Billy Graham, Greg Laurie, Chip Ingram. You will be surprised by the number of popular pastors associated with these lies. “When Did Graham’s Compromise Begin?” “Is ecumenism biblical? Should a Christian be involved in the ecumenical movement?” I switched to the Bible Hub app. It has A LOT of great free resources. Bible Gateway, Olive Tree [not Olive Tree Ministries] and Christianbook openly support & sell Catholic & Billy Graham items. Catholicism is a works based faith with salvation through the sacraments, papal supremacy, the Roman priesthood, the mass as a re-sacrifice of Christ, Catholic tradition on equal par with Scriptures, Mary as the Queen of Heaven & co-redemptress with Christ, auricular confession (confession of one’s sins into the ear of a priest), pilgrimages to “holy shrines,” purgatory, & prayers to & for the dead & many other CLEAR lies! The Bible teaches faith in Jesus alone is the way to salvation.

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