1. AS

    And remembering this…our Lord is coming for His church soon, while the door is still open we need more than ever to look inside ourselves and humble ourselves before Him Who sits on the throne, Judge our own hearts and to see if there is any wicked ways in us. Only then can we be truly effective to the lost. He will not lose one of His sheep. Watch the times as it approaches quickly for the time of our Tribulation brothers and sisters ,which will be multitudes, is rapidly approaching.

  2. Toby Will

    And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. 

    Romans 13:11 

    Far too many Christians are asleep and completely aloof as to what is happening.  They are indifferent and complacent to spiritual realities.  They have been lulled to sleep by comfort and ease; by prosperity and possessions; by worldliness and selfishness.  Our country and culture have provided the perfect environment for sleep, and sleep we did.  But now we need to recognize the time, that the days are evil and the hour of darkness is upon us.  It is not time to be building and buying and occupying ourselves with trivial pleasures and pastimes.  It is time to wake up and shake off this spiritual lethargy and get serious about the Christian life.  It is time to recognize that our salvation is nearer than it has ever been, which is to say: the return of Christ is at the door.  It is time to wake up, stand up, and look up; our redemption draws nigh.      

  3. Jeffry

    Good work Brother. Seek ye first The Kingdom of God. These are days of confusion. The Faith has been “once for all delivered to the saints” is a complete cycle of Divine instruction. It claims the obedience of those who would do the will of God. Only by faithfully fulfilling that which is therein revealed can we do what is pleasing to God, meet with His entire approbation here, and receive our full reward hereafter. Those who have shaken themselves free from the shackles of ecclesiastical tradition and Spiritism and apostate teachers and have followed the light of truth as taught by Christ and His Apostles, have found therein complete satisfaction for the soul and a joyous consciousness of the fulfillment of the will of God. Preach the Gospel dear Christians and follow the Word of Truth. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

  4. Crystal Johnson

    I do agree that this darkening time concentrates the mind and heart on the things that REALLY matter which is the multitude which is heading for eternal damnation without realising it! 🙁 The calling on all of us to preach the gospel has not been rescinded…..it stands true today and especially in this hour. May God fill our hearts with compassion and a sense of urgency for the lost since that is where His heart is also. Blessings abundant to all my precious brothers and sisters in Christ! Let’s keep our gaze fixed on Him, the author and perfecter of our faith. Amen and hallelu-YAH.

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