1. Jeffry

    Good article Lighthouse. The B.L.M. sounds like a new political party. Chicago’s Father’s Day weekend saw over 40 shootings and 7 deaths. Why are they not concerned about blacks killing blacks? This movement is very disturbing.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Thank you, Ryan for telling it like it really is! So refreshing to see some common sense and actual statistics to back up what he says. Throughout our short history the racists have been the Dems. BLM is the party of violence and hate. So many Christians have been fooled by this movement and are bowing down to their demands. The BLM and its supporters are setting a horrible example for their own children and ours.

  3. CW

    This is an excellent article!! I appreciate so much Mr. Bomberger’s expose’ of BLM’s tenets. It is obvious that it is an anti-Christian movement. It is so refreshing to see this issue addressed from a Scriptural viewpoint. I will be passing this along to others so they too can have more understanding of this very important issue.

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