1. What a shame! Only 105 Pastors out of the entire State of Ohio signed this petition? How many cities, towns, villages and hamlets are there in the State? My guess is that there are tens of thousands of Pastors in Ohio.
    The State Department of Education will do nothing to stop their school from promoting a religious practice like yoga. My guess is also that many of the church leaders on Ohio are clueless about yoga’s origins in the cultic practices of Transcendental Meditation and Hinduism. My guess also is the realization that many churches are offering yoga classes during the week, “just for the physical benefits.” True inner peace only comes from the Lord Jesus, in conjunction with the Father’s will, and the Holy Spirit. I say this boldly because the church next-door to mine offers a yoga classs, and the “teacher” opened her classes to any and all church members in the whole town!
    If the Jews were carried away into Babylon for compromising their faith and ignoring its tenets, then surely Almighty God will judge those churches and (dare I say) “pseudo-believers” that do the same in the Church age. God does not change. Friendship with the world is enmity with God.

  2. Barbara

    The best solution for educating our children is Home Schooling if possible. They are being indoctrinated to be good little leftist liberals as well.

  3. charley

    praise the lord we need to take a stand for jesus
    because our rights a gradually eroding.
    jude 3 earnestedly contend for the faith

  4. Crystal Johnson

    God bless those pastors indeed. I simply CANNOT imagine that happening in the UK….it just wouldn’t and that’s depressing. Praise God for a voice of Godly protest.

  5. John J

    I was thinking the very same thing, CW. This would be 50 times more powerful if the teachers/educators and children themselves started to object to this New Age train smash.
    I took note of your term “professed Christians.” You have a very valid point regarding that.

  6. CW

    I applaud their efforts, am very thankful for them, but I also realize that so many churches and professed Christians are doing yoga these days, it may be very hard for secular people (the ones running the schools) to understand why yoga is a problem. Compromise in the church creates real problems, and this is a very real one.

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