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  1. Moi

    Unfortunately, have been exposed to many of this in churches I have been in, before being convicted. It is frightening how much this has crept in – now even to more ‘traditional’, ‘mainstream’ churches.
    Interested to see the words ‘Hatred/hater’, as I had just done a search here for ‘the New City Catechism’, after hearing Q11 in the children’s address a few weeks ago. The language bothered me, which is why I did a search here.
    Edited version –
    ‘Q11. what does God require in 6th, 7th & 8th Commandments?
    Reply: Sixth, that we do not hurt, HATE, or be hostile to our neighbour, but be patient and peaceful, pursuing even our enemies with love (continues on to 7th, 8th)’.
    Not sure if I am being oversensitive, but it seemed to me to echo the kind of nefarious wording currently being used to introduce ‘hate crime speech’ legislation against such things as ‘gender’, ‘sexual orientation’, ‘racism’. etc in various countries?
    (Not that it is wrong to call out discrimination, but they way in which it is biased is).
    Wonder what your thoughts on this are?

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