The New Age in Religion

As the world watches on in fear and anxiousness over what is currently taking place in the Middle East, let us pray that the body of Christ throughout the world will continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are spiritually lost. Perhaps more now than any time in history, the purity … [Read more…]

Marching toward Global Solidarity

by Berit Kjos   During the 1996 UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), I attended a day-long “Dialogue” on the meaning of “Solidarity” at Istanbul’s elegant Ciragan Palace. Registered as a reporter, I received a list of 21 panel members. It included UNESCO’s Director General Federico Mayor, the now discredited UN leader Maurice Strong, … [Read more…]

Biola University … and Emerging Spirituality

For some time now, Biola University has been promoting contemplative spirituality. Biola’s Institute for Spiritual Formation teaches contemplative prayer, and Biola has a seat on the Board of Directors with the very contemplative Spiritual Formation forum. As is so often the case with those who follow after contemplative, emerging spirituality goes hand in hand. In … [Read more…]

BOOK NEWS … From Lighthouse Trails

“The rise of centering prayer is causing many churches to become agents of transformation. Those who practice it tend to embrace this one-world-religion idea.” – Ray Yungen, 1991, 1st Ed. For Many Shall Come in My Name As you may already know, Lighthouse Trails Publishing has been carrying Ray Yungen’s first book, For Many Shall … [Read more…]

When You Pray … Say

by Larry DeBruyn Contemplative Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer. Between contemplative spirituality and biblical Christianity there reside watershed distinctions between first, the definition, and then, the practice of prayer. Simply stated, prayer is talking to God. In speaking to God, believers are free to disclose their hearts’ deepest longings and vexations to him, including their … [Read more…]

Chuck Smith and Purpose Driven

by Roger Oakland Why did Calvary Distribution remove Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven books and related materials from their distribution? I believe these four reasons I have discussed are reasonable and a valid answer to that question: Differences in Eschatology Differences with regard to the Emerging Church Differences with regard to contemplative prayer and mysticism Differences … [Read more…]

The Emerging New World Order

by Kjos Ministries When applied to religion, the “new ways of thinking” means setting aside our old “narrow” beliefs for the sake of unity. For this to happen, Christianity must either bend or break, yet even church leaders are imposing these psycho-social strategies on their unsuspecting followers. In fact, many Christians now believe this new … [Read more…]

Oprah Winfrey’s Spirituality

Ray Yungen Without question, the most influential practical mystic today is talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Her predominantly female audience, numbering in the tens of millions, looks to her as the source of spiritual inspiration?even more so than church, in many cases. I realize speaking critically of someone as warm and caring as Oprah might … [Read more…]

Brennan Manning’s Ragamuffin Gospel: A Distortion of Grace

Brennan Manning, popular writer and speaker, is considered by many to be a kind of expert on the topic of God’s grace. Philip Yancey, editor for Christianity Today magazine, says “Brennan Manning [is] my spiritual director in the school of grace.” On the back cover of Manning’s book, Ragamuffin Gospel, Max Lucado states: “Brennan does … [Read more…]