Parents Beware: Indiana Education Bill Seeks “Mental Health” Control Of All Kids

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LTRP Note: The following out-of-house news story is posted for informational and research purposes.

By Alex Newman
FP Media

Draconian “education” legislation to further erode parental rights and gather all sorts of “mental health” data on children, among other controversial elements, is making its way through the Indiana legislature now. Activists are in an uproar about the privacy-shredding bill. But as of now, it seems the scheme may pass. . . .

The legislation, dubbed SB 266, also furthers government meddling in the lives of children from birth through age 22. All children will be routinely screened for “mental-health” issues, with schools becoming de facto mental-health institutions. Indiana activists slammed the provisions as another step toward government control from cradle to grave. . . .

Another controversial provision in the bill is the introduction of Social and Emotional “Wellness” schemes linked to Zen meditation techniques, which are associated with Buddhism. Noting that God and prayer have been expelled from school, critics wondered why Eastern spiritual exercises were being encouraged and pushed in to tax-funded schools. Click here to continue reading.

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  1. Steph

    A large piece of the puzzle behind this “mental well-being” agenda in schools was missed in the article. A motivating factor equal to government control of children is the lure of money. Matthew 6:24 says, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” The money trail looms large and several entities stand to benefit off the “growing problem” of “mental illness;” however, the groups that stand to benefit monetarily the most are the pharmaceutical companies. The popular Signs of Suicide (SOS) and Brief Screening for Adolescent Depression (BSAD) [notice the acronyms] receive the majority of their funding by pharmaceutical companies who churn out dependency-creating psychotropic drugs. The “non-profit” Screening for Mental Health, Inc. that produces and/or promotes this curriculum to schools is directed by a man who has personally and corporately received hundreds of thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical companies. These “caring” non-profits are just another marketing arm of the pharmaceutical companies, hoping to: 1) inculcate people younger and younger into the belief that almost everyone is mentally ill 2) involve as many young people as possible in the mental health system 3) promote the idea that institutionalized care from “professionals” is superior to that of parental care 4) introduce the ingestion of psychotropic drugs to people at a younger age. Documentation for these claims can be found on, or, or by just doing the research oneself. One 2016 article by Mad in America is titled “Middle School Invasion: When the Pharmaceutical Companies Come to Town”. Sadly, our church family and even our extended family has first-hand experience of the satanic scourge of the “mental illness industry” negatively impacting people’s lives. I’ve lost a Christian church friend and a 13-year-old niece to suicide directly attributable to the damaging, brain-altering chemical effects of psychotropic drugs. These drugs are a sacred cow in our culture…even in our church as we worship the god of happiness/fun. I’m sure that backlash received from a Christian editor friend on my booklet called Trials and Disappointments and the Christian’s Response to Them where I briefly question the exorbitant use of drugs and warn of their dangers (to accompany an inductive book study on James that I’m writing for the women in our church) is only indicative of the response I’d receive from the larger Christian community. May God open our eyes to the tactics of the enemy, for his goal is only to truly steal, kill, and destroy. *Please note that while some Christians may work for the above-referenced websites, they are not Christian websites. They do; however, have well-documented information on this subject.

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