1. GP

    Being a former Hindu, I can say I would NEVER participate in this non-sense. From my childhood, I have always questioned Hinduism and why they perform their ridiculously long religious functions, if it’s religious at all. Since Lord Jesus Christ saved me from eternal destruction, I give Him the glory He rightly deserveevery moment I can. His shedding blood on the Old Rugged Cross saved a lost sinner who will not follow any other than our Savior. I pray ALL schools keep Hinduism out of their classrooms because Satan has done a masterful job at blinding the masses by making them believe he doesn’t exist.

  2. David Jackson

    Those of us who were formerly involved in New Age meditation know experientially that they are not the neutral modalities you may think they are; rather, they open a portal to the demonic and cause all kinds of harm. PTL that He rescued me out of it all!

  3. Jim

    These days, when so many kids are over-stimulated by their environment, I would have thought that parents would welcome the opportunity for their kids to learn a technique for calming mediation, Hindu or Buddhist. I sincerely doubt that there is an organized effort to turn these kids away from their own religion.

  4. Jeffry

    P.S. to my first comment. My wife and I have 12 Grandchildren
    .5 have professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. We pray for the other 7 to come to Christ every day. With tears in our eyes we are sad that their childhood will not be as ours was.

  5. Jeffry

    Satan wants our children. He infiltrated our schools for many years now. Chicago’s attempting to allow Transcendental Meditation in its school system is very dangerous. Many schools across America our introducing T.M. Yoga, Hindu T.M. In Ohio 5 counties are pushing for T.M. Mindfulness Meditation can produce altered states of consciousness. T.M. can cause oneness of mind if taught. What can parents do if the court allows it? We can pray and Home School? We live in dark and dangerous days. I know for some families it will be hard to Home School because both parents work. Pray the lord will work it out. What is more important? Pray about it. The lord will guide you. Lastly One of BLM’s goals is to kill the Nuclear Family. They are Marxist/Anarchists who are attempting to destroy America. God Bless all of you!!

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