1. David Ellis

    I am sure that I have read that Mel Gibson funded the film himself because Hollywood weren’t interested in it, and that it has made Gibson a Hollywood outcast. This would probably explain his outspoken public statements about the problem of pedophilia in Hollywood.

  2. Patricia F.

    My late twin sister (a very fervent Catholic) saw this film twice in the theater. She was moved almost to tears. I watched it a couple of times on TV, and won’t do so again. Too much violence and gore.

    And then you add in the blatant Catholic stuff, and it makes for a toxic brew. I won’t go to see the sequel, if it ever gets done.

    Please continue to let Christians know about everything that’s wrong with this film. Thank you!

  3. Aaron May

    I know of a young man that after seeing the passion asked Jesus to be his Savior before he left the theater. Now he is a Senior Pastor.. when I watched I had no discernment about the Catholic twist. I was thinking more of what Christ did for. A sinner such as I. I appreciate the heads up!

  4. vanessa walters

    I never saw Passion of The Christ all the way through.. Couldnt..far too much violence, gore, language, and so much blood ! Heard about the blocks of tickets bought by churches, pastors, youth groups, women/men’s groups..I got odd looks, remarks, when I expressed NO interest in seeing it..when the Catholic symbolism in the movie became known, it confirmed my suspicions about the movie…..I would NEVER see any sequel… Mel Gibson wasalso in BraveHeart. .also a bloody, gory, violence ridden bloodbath of a Scottish historical character. Should it surprise people that he produces bloodbaths ? Or stars in them??

  5. Donna Martonfi (now Martonfi-West

    My pastor bought out the entire theatre for one evening so I invited three unsaved friends to see this movie and I was horrified by what I saw on the screen but could not understand at the time why I was feeling so upset by the movie.
    As we were leaving the theatre I soon understood why my discerning of spirits was operating so strongly.

    Instead of asking, “how do I turn my life over to Jesus?”, my friends asked questions such as, “Why was Mary wiping up the blood off the ground?”
    “Who was the child on his shoulder?” and questions that had NO BIBLICAL significance. (which I cannot remember right now)

    I was mortified.

    When I relayed my displeasure to the pastor, he said, “Hollywood always uses poetic license.”

    It was NOT the gospel of our Lord Jesus that was portrayed on that screen and I agree that there was MUCH Catholic content.

  6. CW

    My husband and I saw this movie at a theater way back when it premiered. I knew nothing at that time of this issue, but I did notice unBibilical things in the movie.

    The main thing that bothered me was the almost-total-absence of the Resurrection. To go through all that pain and misery of seeing Jesus being flogged so mercilessly, and then to be deprived of the Victory He won for all who have received, and will receive, Him as Savior and Lord!!! There are no words. 🙁

  7. Lynne

    Good article. Here goes Hollywood again. There have been several times lately where I have been talking with a Catholic. I have listened repeatedly to how wonderful their rituals are. The conversations became increasingly difficult. Talking to the Lord about this I know He helped me understand that Catholisism is a very dark religion.
    My thought and belief is that there should Never be a movie made about the most holy event of our Savior sacrificing His life on Calvary. It is to be expected that the Mel Gibsons and Hollywood would mess it up. Thank you again Lighthouse for your truth about these movies and the false Catholic religion.

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