1. Toby Will

    Well done! More Christians need to demonstrate such courage in the midst of such darkness and cowardice.

  2. Gail Shaw

    God will bless their commitment to His Word. They will suffer slings and arrows but He will be with them every step of the way. Thank you, God, for schools that stand firm in their commitment to train our young people in living God’s Word.

  3. Wendall Smits

    Congratulations to the administration at PCC for their willingness to stand up to Satan. In today’s world it takes some real bravery to do what they did.

  4. Fran Marie

    Stand your ground and continue to defend the Gospel, Pensacola! It irritates me that the LGB community is too cowardly to mock the Muslims, who hold the same theology of homosexuality as sin. The LGB continues to harass Christians knowing we won’t throw them off buildings to their death.

  5. If God can repent of the evil portions of His fair judgment, then His image within us can cause us, and enable us to repent of every one of our evils. If there is no repentance, then we must consider that the sin continues, and the man’s faith is built on sand.

  6. Elizabeth Alcala-Bennett

    I read that there are actually 2 homosexuals in the group. Pensacola did the right thing. We have to be wary about allowing groups from the UK to sing at our conservative colleges. Sin is sin. The Bible is very plain. I listen to the Rejoice in the Lord program every Sun. evening on Daystar for their wonderful music and preaching. Pensacola is one of the last remaining universities that does not do the Spiritual Formation. The UK is not a bastion of true Christianity anymore, sad to say.

  7. Ruby

    Thank you PCC for standing for the TRUTH! Very few today are doing just that. Most today have gone WOKE and are compromising the Word of God, which is a dangerous path to tread.

  8. yaddy Stanley

    Marvelous how a venue is alright to be cancelled, because the speaker is a Christian, and nothing is said….but man oh man, if it is the other way around…trouble and more trouble…I have lost count as to how many venues have cancelled Christian speakers and other, ( if they have a Christian upbringing)…

  9. Clay

    Thank you for this article! As a student at the college in question, I thought that it might be good to include some background and an update to the situation here at PCC. I am a member of Campus Safety and Security, and while we were briefed on how to respond to the protests that were planned, praise the LORD that nothing came of them! All has been quiet here.

    Dr. Shoemaker explained everything to us in a special chapel on Monday: the King’s Singers were treated with the utmost respect, and were paid in full for the time they lost, even though they were not allowed to perform. Dr. Shoemaker said that they parted on good terms and that both sides were courteous. The reason the group was performing without a vetting process is that they had performed here a number of years ago, and were rescheduled at that time, before they had a homosexual member. Our vetting process will be better from now on.

    On a personal note, while the decision is highly controversial, I stand completely with Dr. Shoemaker in his choice to cancel Fine Arts.


    persecution will be becomming toA nation that has compromised the sin of sodomy in these end times GOD IS SEPARATING THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS. THE CHURCHES TODAY FOR THE MOST PART ARE PART OF THE LAODECIAN CHURCH AGE REV3 JESUS WILL SPUE OUT OF HIS MOUTH.

  11. Nancy Hannah

    Our son is a sophomore at Pensecola Christian College and he is delighted with the Biblical standards!
    We are very proud of the kindness and hospitality PCC has shown to young from around the world! The Lord Jesus is on their hearts and they have a constant concern for sinners in need of salvation.
    Like any huge Christian organization or church there are tares among the wheat, the enemy has sown it. Until the Lord Jesus returns we will have to keep our armor on!
    Please consider calling or writing PCC to thank them for the biblical wisdom and standards ….their are few Christian colleges left brave and bold enough to speak truth and not ashamed of the gospel.

  12. Debbie Wells

    I applaud them for what they did, however, it seems they should have vetted that group before inviting them to perform. There are all kinds of ways of learning more about who you’re thinking of “doing business” with. I think we ALL need to be more careful, so these situations don’t occur.

  13. T. I. Miller

    Nothing new under the sun
    Spurgeon wrote about the trend of, Entertaining the goats and starving the sheep.
    That is the very plague brought by the seeker friendly fiasco.
    More concerned about members and attendance than about equipping the saints to boldly defend the faith, so that no one be led astray.
    Now biblical churches and institutions look like abnormal extremists.
    I have news for these smiling team building man pleasing ear ticklers.
    Pastors and teachers will be JUDGED MORE HARSHLY.
    Mark 8:38 ” For whoever is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.

  14. James Groff

    What part of “Christian” don’t they understand? Praise God for a “Christian” college who actually stays true to the Word of God. It’s not like they are demanding a speaker not be allowed on their campus because of their political views (*cough cough- Ben Shapiro et al *cough cough*).

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