1. Jeffry

    Right on CW. Abortion is an Abomination to God. Five Supreme Court Justices have a lot of blood On their hands. Selling aborted parts of a baby for money is a crime of savagery. We Christians should lower our heads in shame. Our supposed Christian “Nation” has not protected the most helpless of God’s Creation. I pray for mercy from our Heavenly Father who sees and remembers all things.

  2. CW

    Correction: Instead of saying “6 million others”, I meant to add just “others”. But I’ve heard lately that the total death toll was more than 6 million, so it sounds like that was 6 million Jews PLUS the others

    What Hitler did was EVIL. Killing 10 times more innocent babies is even worse than what he did! This modern-day American Holocaust alone (aside from all the other ways America has thumbed her nose in God’s face_ gives the Lord reason to severely judge America. I am praying daily for His mercy.

  3. CW

    The last death count I heard was 65,000,000. That’s 65,000,000 babies killed LEGALLY since January 22, 1973.

    People rightfully condemn Hitler for killing 6 million Jews (and 6 million others) in his holocaust. THIS is a holocaust too — more than 10 TIMES more people, the youngest, most innocent, most vulnerable among us. Where is the rightful condemnation???

    This is nothing but evil. A culture of death. We keep hearing things like “Americans are better than this” about various things. Why isn’t America better than this???

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