1. kddlporter

    BLM is rooted not only in cultic Luciferian Marxism, but in Yoruba witchcraft, practicing subtilty, necromancy, and communing with familiar spirits. ExMinistries is helpful and Pastor G. Craige Lewis is helpful with addressing this for those with ears to hear and eyes to see, but many harden themselves against the truth, choosing instead to sell their souls for the allure of power & vainglory. It is very real.

  2. CW

    Every time I’ve heard the phrase initialed by “blm”, I’ve always wanted to ask, Why do black lives in the womb not matter??

    This reveals the basic lie and hypocrisy of that whole organization, which the organizers have said is based on marxism — two out of the three are marxist and also morally perverted. 🙁

  3. Jeffry

    So sad, over 100 thousand innocent black babies are put to death through abortion in one year. BLM leaders do nothing to stop this? This is heart breaking!!!

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