Police ‘nab’ 7-year-old homeschooler

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By Bob Unruh

A mother and father are going public with details about how Swedish social-services officials had police halt a plane en route to takeoff in order to take custody of their 7-year-old son after they had argued with local school officials about his homeschooling.

“I’m no better than other people. I’m just a normal human being, trying my best to do what I feel is important both in my life and in this world. My family is maybe a little different from the norm, but, when did that become a crime,” the father, Christer Johannson, has written on the Swedish website Vaken.

“Why this article? There are courts to decide what’s right in cases like this! Yes … but when the social services and [their] lawyers started to lie and mix facts I decided to go public! The last thing I heard from the social services was – Dominic is traumatized now, so he needs to be in a calm and peaceful environment. We agree, let him come home then! That is not a suggestion, that is our demand!” he wrote. Click here to continue.

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