1. CW

    I just read the article Dangerous Prayers by Paul Proctor. I don’t watch The View, so I didn’t know this was discussed there. Just wanted to point out the fact that Sherri Shepherd, who was quoted, is not a bona fide Christian. She is a Jehovah’s Witness. Many people think Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses and other groups whose beliefs are not based on the Bible are Christians (because they don’t know their true beliefs), when in fact they are not. There’s a world of difference.

  2. CW

    Oops, I just saw your closing statement about Cameron Strang and his dad, Stephen Strang. I’m sorry I overlooked that when I first read the article.

  3. CW

    A little background about Relevant magazine — I was shocked not long ago to learn that Cameron Strang, son of publisher Stephen Strang of Charisma magazine, founded Relevant magazine. I’ve read a number of columns by Stephen Strang and don’t recall any which presented or supported unBiblical teachings. According to Wikipedia, Relevant is all about “social justice” — very relevant here because of the article about Jim Wallis and Sojourners. I went to Relevant’s website (linked at Wikipedia) and did not see anything there which was Biblical, but many articles in opposition to Biblical teachings. Because of what I already knew about Relevant and Cameron Strang before this, I am sadly not surprised by the article here, but it is a serious matter of which all Christians need to be aware and prayerful. I am very concerned about millennials in general; so many seem to be unaware of Christ Jesus the Lord, or, if they do know about Him, their views have been warped by ungodly teachers/teachings. A tragic situation indeed.

  4. Karin

    Where is the discernment? I often wonder why it is so sadly lacking in the church these days? How can so many be led astray with these false teachings?

  5. T. I. Miller

    Where are the shepherds? Where are the watchmen on the wall? Where are the stalwart, who stand in the gap? God warned of the coming delusion. God warned of the great falling away. Paul wrote, ” See to it that no one deceive you”. Titus 1:9 demands that every elder be fluent in apologetic s; “…able to explain and defend the faith ” They are not good stewards of either their spiritual gift or of their office. To the contrary they help the deceivers and attack the defenders. They are woefully and sadly willfully ignorant of the multi-points of attacks against the gospel itself. They do not speak up against false teachers. they like cowards hide under the umbrella of love and unity. Oh they dare not speak an accusation against these false teachers and preachers. Yet they will not hesitate to attack LHTR or and lay person who speaks the truth about these deceivers. Irrespective of God’s grace He will judge all teachers more harshly, and this is why they will be judged more harshly. To whom much is given much is expected, ( required ).

  6. Jeffry

    The Lord Jesus never taught breath prayers. Young people as well as older people need to follow doctrine of the bible. Not Rick Warren, the purpose driven pope. Contemplative prayers are dangerous. The purpose driven movement needs to be abandoned. An old preacher from England has once said that Rick Warren ‘s ‘new purpose driven’methods might just as well say that if only instead of being a preacher of righteousness (2nd Peter 2:5) Noah had done some simple market research and built a ‘purpose driven ark’, more than eight people would have come aboard.

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