1. We spoke with Kevin Reeves yesterday, and he said he has gotten most of the funds now and is promised the rest will come to him soon. He said there had initially been some issues that delayed that from happening, but it has been straightened out. Generally speaking, for those wanting to use such a service as GoFundMe for other situations in their lives, we recommend trying alternative funding type services. Several of our readers did not want to use GoFundMe for different reasons including the Truckers Convoy issue in 2022 (https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/gofundme-backtracks-canadian-trucker-money-fraud-investigation-threat), and had we been the ones setting up Kevin’s funding needs account, we ourselves would not have used GoFundMe. Kevin probably wouldn’t have either, but in his severe distress and desperate situation over his wife suddenly dying, a good friend of his and his wife’s benevolently set up the GoFundMe account. In the end, it’s worked out, and the donations that our readers and others gave to Kevin were such a beautiful example of Christian love. Kevin expressed his deep gratitude yesterday. Please pray for him as he is back home in Alaska and trying to cope and continue on with his life without his wife, whom he loved so very dearly.

  2. Edna Plett

    I have tried to comtact the lady who started the go fund me because in her last update she stated that the funds would not be deposited in his account. I was hoping to contribute more, but with the above statement, and no reply from her, I do not feel it would benefit him. Can someone please let me know what the status of this page is at present.

  3. Thomas P Davis

    I donated and I grieve with you. Although we all grieve differently, I lost the love of my life for 36 years at the age of 62 due to cancer. It will be 7 years the first day of spring and your story has brought tears to my eyes once again. There is something hard to understand, when two become one flesh and then that relationship is torn apart by death. Thanks be to God, that we have that blessed hope and in near future we will be where there is no more pain nor tears.

  4. Crystal Walker

    I am so sorry to hear this. Brother Kevin is one of the sweetest brothers in Christ and his book has helped so many, including me. I am praying for he and his family.

  5. Pam Bannister

    Although I don’t have the monetary funds to contribute at this time I want Kevin to know he and his children are lifted up in prayer. Kevin’s book opened up a huge window for me understanding WOF almost 20 years ago and is still so relevant. May our Lord Jesus bring him comfort.

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