1. Jaana

    This happens with my gmail account too, all Christian as well as critical ofcovid emails end up in spam or promotions folder. Very annoying. I have subscribed to Proton mail as my email account.

  2. John

    Sad, but obviously necessary.
    And how long will it be until e-mail is also put under censorship? There was some news about the EARN IT Act, which would mainly target e-mail services when enforced.
    – I have a Hotmail account, and since about a year ago I observe that incoming mails with endtime related Christian content, or other “politically incorrect” content, regularly end up in the spam folder. Even if the sender is in my contact list, and even while other mails from the same sender make it to the inbox. May I soon no longer be allowed to see these mails at all?

  3. Peggy

    Your newsletters throughout the years have been a great source of wisdom and discernment, without which I otherwise would have been ignorant and confused about like many are today.
    Thank you, and Praise the Lord for the faithful labourers in the field as you are!

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