1. Darlene Knighten

    Enjoyed this article very much! I just came upon your website today; I have been troubled by many things I’m been seeing and hearing in the churches today. So many are being deceived and confusion is everywhere. I’m so glad I found this connection to truth!

  2. Chris

    Excellent points! I think most Americans believe we are just going to be taken out of here with nothing lost. Thank you for this article.

  3. CW

    How true (and timely) this is! I remember vividly the warnings of Leonard Ravenhill (Why Revival Tarries) and David Wilkerson (Set The Trumpet to Thy Mouth) about coming Judgment on America.

    Most people think of 1950s America as a wholesome time, but not long ago I was very surprised to see a Billy Graham crusade from that era in which he said America had become a heathen and pagan land!

    And I am sure that many faithful preachers and pastors known only to the Lord have also exhorted Americans in the same way through the years. Constant intercession is a very real need. I am reminded of David’s plaintive prayer when he said, “Turn us again, O Lord.”

  4. Liv

    Thank you – really an excellent article. Spiritual preparedness IS certainly the first concern. How thoughtful to mention some physical preparation as well. My friends hear me say this – that a few months’ worth of food, water (and dog/cat food) put up is wisdom.

  5. Iva

    Thank you for this much needed reminder. We may have lost our church connections but we are not alone. We may have lost family and friends but we are not alone. We may have no other human face to face fellowship along our Christian walk, but we are not alone. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. God is all and everything we need. And during this earthly journey, with the world in crisis, it might be wise to prepare if possible(fire wood, garden/greenhouse/etc) Keeping a few extra Bibles would be good planning. Some Christian books/devotionals/tracts…. God bless you, Lighthouse trails people.

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