1. Sharon Hagglov

    Excellent, Thank You …. Will add to my file on Progressive Christianity.
    I wold like to recommend Mike Winger’s video …YouTube, “ The Hidden Unchristian Beliefs of TOP Progressive Christian Influencers” ….” What is the central belief that connects thes influencers ? “ “ The central belief is “ It’s not about Jesus”.🌹

  2. Realist

    Thank you for your article. Unfortunately, probably most of the readers are part of the choir. We Christians have so many fights coming from so many directions. It is mind boggling. But most people seem to carry on with apathy as if nothing that bad is happening. Now, more than ever, evil is good and good is evil.

    My own profession has gone down in a hellish direction at a rapid and snow balling pace just during Covid, to the point, that without divine intervention it is well past the point of no return. This will displace many Christians from their careers if they take a God honoring position.

    Satan is leading the globalist world movers and shakers in multiple ways to wean-out Christians and conservatives in general from the work force with the goals of weakening our influence/input and gradually instituting their globalist goals. My personal position is that the rapture of the church will be necessary to remove the final stubborn (Godly) hurdles that we present before they effectively have free reign – temporarily that is – like maybe 7 years.

    I have seen so many local churches buy into the McLaren/Hybels/Compolo/Warren mindset or new age or other bad influences to varying degrees. Two old friends of mine are heavily influenced by Bill & Lynn Hybels and have a related church consulting service. This is very disheartening. The Hybels grew up in my city. Lynn Hybels was on Youth for Christ Teen Team with my sister, and Lynn’s family attended the same church as my family when we were kids. I have to wonder if Bill Hybels fairly recent moral failure has driven people back to be Christ centered instead of religious superstar centered.

    Thank you again for your timely heads-up.

  3. T. I. Miller

    one of the best articles on this present march into apostasy I’ve come across.
    Interesting that I’ve recently discovered sermons by Ravenhill on YouTube concerning our bodies are to be treated like Holy Temples where Christ resides.
    The Levite leaders led Israel astray more than once Every church that was off course was led astray by the elders.
    Popularity is not proof of Gods blessings.

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