1. Martha Smith

    I am so glad for this booklet. So many people deceived by the Bergers. Thank you. Martha

  2. Jo Hylton

    Great article!
    Does this also apply to those that say they died, went to heaven or hell then came back to share with people and tell them what they saw? I would like some suggestions on how to counter these visions or experiences that they saw they have as being unbiblical….a booklet or pamphlet? Scripture that contradicts what they believe?

  3. jamie in illinois

    My plumber went to one of those meetings years ago, he was here one day to fix my toilet and it came up in conversation. He said all these dudes were crying and blubbering, getting in touch with their feelings. He thought they were all crazy!

  4. helen gray-schiera

    Thank you, lighthouse trail for standing for Jesus’ Truth in the Church. I was miraculously saved in an Assembly of God’s mid-week gospel meeting by a visiting American pastor, 37 years ago. I found however that demonic powers were allover that church and the assembly. To find a believer to pray and fellowship with was like counting teeth in a chooks mouth. Settling on some professing believers from the church proved to be a disappointing challenge. They could never understand my faith and devotion to grow more Christ-like through the unadulterated Christian Bible. They were so spiritually singed they had nil discernment which led them down some very dark paths. One poor lost soul shared her out-of-body experiences. Another held a little meeting in her home with a quest speaker who use Saul’s encounter with Samael in the witch’s seance, as an example of the Biblical approval of necromancy. How we need to be clothed in the Armour of God 24/7 while alerting the professing church against the demonic devises of Satan which are terribly seductive and DEADLY. Helen Australia

  5. Gerry Wagoner

    This is a very helpful article.

    Spiritualism is on the rise, beginning with the emergent church, and has now moved into mainline christianity.

    The Bible is clear that the dead are unable to communicate (Ecclesiastes 9:5), but demons are more than happy to impersonate them, and lead people astray.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

  6. The first speaker at that conference whose picture you see is Jim Caviezel, the Roman Catholic who played Jesus 20 years ago in “The Passion of the Christ;” I suppose the current Jesus, Jonathan Roumie, is too busy. Caviezel also played the title role in “Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius,” so the conference is getting two deities for the price of one.

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