1. Jeffry

    The Coronavirus crisis should make all Christians sit-up and pay attention. Did I go to my Bible for help? Or do we turn on the tv? I am thankful I went to the Bible. I am thankful for it’s help during a crisis. Our way of life may change because of this Coronavirus. Are we in the last days of the day of Grace? My Bible tells me yes. My Bible tells me never to put a date on the return of the Lord Jesus for His Bride. The Bible tells me to preach the Gospel to all. The Bible gives me peace. The Bible tells me that if I step into eternity I will be with my savior forever. Oh how He loves us.

  2. CW

    When this virus erupted in the world, my regular Bible reading had taken me to Revelation. I have to say, the world conditions caused me to see even more in that blessed Scripture (which promises every reader a blessing!) came even more alive than ever before.

    The Lord constantly reminds me of this blessed Truth, spoken by Christ Jesus:

    “If you continue in My Word, you shall be My disciple indeed. You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free.” John 8

  3. John J


    I have read “76 Ways to Make Pancakes” by Michaela Hot-Oven about 25 times (all 312 pp.) since lockdown has started; however, my pancakes remain “toughy” and are never fluffy as in the beautiful illustrations.

    But God and His Word remain the same, no matter what. His Word never disappoints; never falls flat, always encourages; always builds up, and always brings the glorious, simple-to-understand, and saving Gospel to whoever calls on the name of our Savior.

    Thanks, Chris, for your service over the years; it has always been appreciated and continues to be. Surf is going to be up one of these days; I am sure of it.

    Ah, time for another uneatable pancake (a flatjack and not a flapjack), but the recipe has promised a perfect fluffy thing. Only God’s Word is reliable; thanks for the reminder, Chris.

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