1. Elizabeth Bennett

    Andrew Cuomo, Gov of N.Y. State said that we need to reimagine our country. He said this a few days ago. Very concerning statement.

  2. Gerry & Dianne

    We fell into this trap for jesus calling for 2yrs it was a gift given to one of us and and neither followed the Scipture about testing all spirits .

  3. Bobbi

    What surprises me is how much people are willing to give up in these times. They are following the herd and not thinking for themselves. Our Founding Fathers were Christian and wrote the Constitution with Christian values. I don’t think people understand that anymore. They are willing to roll over and give up their civil liberties. They are trading freedom for security and will end up with neither. It’s the mentality that will accept a one-world government and a one-world religion in the Tribulation.

  4. Heidi Lavoie

    In the year 2001 when I attended the Christian and Missionary Alliance church in my city, the song “Imagine” by John Lennon was played at an evening service. It was used to underscore the message given by the pastor. It was not long after that I left that church. So it is no marvel that that world lauds it, but the church began down that road a long time ago.

  5. David Schueller

    This may be a bit off topic but I think worth while. I got my copy of GAME OF GODS by Carl Teichrib off the shelf. Several times Carl demonstrates how Globalist are waiting for a “crisis” so they can re-image human society. Rahm Emanuel repeated his “never let a crisis go to waste” catchphrase while discussing the coronavirus pandemic. Yes, many are trying to re-image God and re-image society. As Christians we are to Cast down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God(II Cor 10:5) Let us use this “crisis” as a time to be true ambassadors for God and show His true Image.

  6. Angela

    We don’t do any social media and rarely watch t.v. but, we have tuned into more lately to stay informed and watch press conferences. I have seen two separate news stories about celebrities and also doctors filming themselves singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” and then posting it online to be an encouraging to people. 🤦🏼‍♀️ It actually made the World News on ABC last night and was lauded as wonderful! Lord, help us!

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    Imagining and re-imagining are actually titles of textbooks used in the public schools for the last 20 yrs. It is part of the Common Core curriculum being used in CA. Man without God seems to think he can re-imagine the world into what he wants it to be rather than what God wants it to be. Man is on the throne (humanism) and he can even change a child or adult’s sex with hormones and operations, which God abhors. My neighbor just gave her sister (new believer) Sarah Young’s book Jesus Calling and was raving about this book. I tried to control my reaction but finally said that I do not think Sarah Young is a true believer because she is trying to impersonate Jesus and is saying things that Jesus did not say. My neighbor argued that Sarah was filled with the Holy Spirit when she wrote this. I said I did not think she was filled with the Spirit. Told her that this author is very popular and is making a lot of money with her books. A relative gave me Jesus Calling several yrs. ago. I noticed that there is no mention of sin or repentance; it is a feel-good bk. and not in touch with reality. I am sure most readers do not bother to read the Bible references. Jesus Calling is re-imagining Jesus.

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