1. CW

    Excellent article! Is Maria’s book sold here? I’d love to buy it. Love, love, love Anna Rosa’s comment. Thank you, Anna Rosa, for making that so clear. What a blessing! 🙂

  2. Anna Rosa

    Yes, I totally relate to this. That brings up a point I need to make. Since we have a relationship connection with the Lord, He can, and does, communicate with us. It does go beyond the Bible in the sense that He can speak to our hearts with a still small voice or a strong impression such as what Maria describes. I experience that too. What I find scary is that believers will flock to both extremes away from that fact. Many wolves claim that we can’t hear anything from God at all such as this, or even feel his presence, and that He does not communicate with His children other than the Bible. They also claim that all things of the Holy Spirit are ‘not for today,’ such as baptism and gifts. They twist Scripture to support that. The thing is, ALL works of the Holy Spirit flow from the miraculous power of God, including salvation and sanctification! They are all for today. And God communicates with us because we have a relationship with Him. The devil, however, wants to rob us of all of this. That is part of the warfare. So don’t go with the charismania crowd, but don’t deny that the gifts are for today either. Neither one is Biblical. But so many have been robbed.

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