1. Betty

    A true follower of Jesus is not part of this broken world. Give it to God and do what He has asked us to do. We are to love one another even those who are our enemies. I pray for those who are are lost that they will come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus befire it’s too late.

  2. Alexandra Smith

    Last I heard, Biden was down to 259 and falling. Counts by hand for Georgia, etc. Praying for you all across the Pond, from UK. The one main reason that God is allowing all this is that Trump has tried to divide the Land of Israel. Pray for the eyes of his heart to realise what is happening and for him to repent. Your land is dividing because of Biden and all the forces of communism and evil spirits attacking her. Pray for clarity. I think there are going to be serious problems anyway and Russia and China are getting ready to invade. Plenty of their ‘boots on the ground’ in Venezuela!


    HE Sets them up and HE Takes them down.
    We must trust THE PLAN OF THE MASTER for
    HIS B I G G E R Picture:
    HE Uses the noble and the ignoble for HIS GREATER PURPOSE.
    We must surrender to HIS PLAN.
    As CITIZENS OF HEAVEN- we are travelers…just passing through… #LookUP!!!!!!!
    Do we Trust GOD ALMIGHTY or a world system ??

  4. Erlend Torp

    Thank you for this post, let us ask God for patience and wisdom in times like these. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus.

  5. Jeffry

    Just a couple more questions about our presidential election. Why is BLM and Anti-fa still rioting, looting and crying “Death to America”? What is their goal? Lastly, why did 130000 votes for Biden arrive in 3 vehicles in Detroit in the dead of night? Keep praying about this election.

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    Jesus our Lord did not have a very godly government around Him when on earth. Things were not easy for Jews and Christians. We really are Pilgrims traveling through a dangerous path but we will have a glorious welcome when we see Jesus! Shalom!

  7. Jeffry

    Good reminders Bill. In Philippians Chapter 3 Paul tells us that our citizenship is in Heaven. We are subject to The Lord Jesus Christ and our conduct is to be regulated by His word. We are not to get entangled with the world’s affairs nor seek worldly powers. We look for Him to take us Home to Heaven. Many Christians In America believe that President Trump will win the upcoming election. Maybe he will if all the votes are counted fairly. Sadly, most Democrats are Marxist/Communists/some Satanists who will do anything to steal this election. How? With the help of the CIA who can change the voting machines numbers to anyone they want. All they would need is 3 of the 5 toss-up states, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota that should give them a Democratic President. I say this because we as Christians need to put it in the Lords hands if it does happen. All I can say is Hold Fast ,Help is on The Way. The Lord is in control. He will never leave or forsake us.

  8. Cindi

    I prefer that our country does not sink into socialism…to me that is more of the “Tower of Babel” collective mindset. We are each personally accountable to God for our faith and actions.
    I thank God that, whoever is appointed as the US President, I know that our Lord allowed it because He is sovereign over the universe. And I take comfort and refuge in that truth.

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