1. Jeffry

    This is a wonderful, well timed article about Pilgrims coming to America. What courage and faith these Christians had for this long voyage on the Mayflower. Our Heavenly Father guided and protected them all the way to freedom of worship for all Christians. They will not be forgotten by any of us. May we become as Pilgrims and Puritans that came to America 400 years ago. Today America is facing a Communist take over, a Coup De’tat at this election for our President. We need to be peace lovers, evangelicals and preach the gospel while our freedom is still allowed. We need to pray that President Trump will be able to stop this attack on America going on right now. God is in control. Pray Christians Pray.

  2. Jeffry

    My elementary school use to have a play about the Pilgrims coming to America every year. Some of us dressed up like Pilgrims, Indians and a local farmer let us use a turkey one year. We talked about coming to America so we could have freedom of worship for our families. We drew pictures and put them behind us and put them on the stage. Parents came to watch us. Gods name was welcome. Sadly, Gods name in public schools today can’t even be spoken. America has much to be thankful for in this dark world. The Gospel can still be preached. Are we taking advantage of preaching the Gospel while we still can? Christians pray that we will.

  3. Jay And Michelle Fitz

    God bless you Mr. Randles for writing and sharing your illuminating and inspiring article about the Pilgrims and their faithfulness, and not letting their memory which so beautifully reflects God’s Glory be wiped out by the willing and vile agents of our Enemy. I shared your article with our pastor and he was so moved he’s likely to preach a sermon based upon your writings.
    May God bless you richly and thank you.
    Sincerely and In Christ Jesus,
    Jay and Michelle Fitz

  4. Kasha

    The big lie being told concerning the Pilgrims is that the original story that we have been told is a fabrication and it was a day of genocide. Sadly, Christian’s are even believing this lie.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    I love the historical account of the Pilgrims escaping persecution in Europe due to their love and reverence of God’s Word. There were no slaves on the Mayflower. They were godly, Bible believing settlers. They made friends with the wonderful native Indians who helped them survive their first difficult yrs. in America. As a public school teacher I would always teach this history of our country to my students. The first Thanksgiving included the native Indians and lasted about 3 days.

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