1. Elizabeth Bennett

    General Eisenhower commanded the military to take pictures of the internment camps the day they were liberated by the U.S. in order to prove to the world that the Holocaust really did happen. He did this because he knew that sometime in the future some people would deny this happened.

  2. CW

    I thank God for every single one of those in every country who participated in the Underground (against the Nazis) in any way, including Diet. I’ve read her book and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    When our oldest son was in high school, he became friends with a guy who seemed just fine for quite some time. Then, while visiting our son’s grandad one day, the friend mentioned his “no Holocaust” belief.

    My father-in-law immediately and kindly informed that guy that YES there really was a Holocaust. He was among the troops who liberated concentration camps, the bodies were “stacked like cordwood” (his words) and the ovens were still smoking. He said the stench never left him. 🙁

    Since then, many WW2 veterans and Holocaust survivors have died and we no longer have their first-hand accounts. It is more needful than ever that the truth be told without any so-called politically correct mitigation!

  3. Jerry johnson

    The untold story of Hitlers murder of 5 million Christians plus 6 million Jews is the complete story underreported.

  4. Iva

    The horrors of the holocaust. Evil in its’ most blatant form.
    The Jews are God’s chosen people and we Gentiles are grafted in.
    What courage Diet had! She drew close to God and God drew close to her.
    Many Dutch people never followed the Nazi’s orders…God bless them.

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