1. Jeffry

    “Vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord.” The Satanic Apostate Church is a Abomination to our Heavenly Father. How close is our world to World War Three? Many countries are now training there military’s for war. How long before countries will force their citizens to take a vaccine that will kill them to help depopulate the the world for the New World Order? Time is running out. If you have not trusted The Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior you need to do it NOW. Do not put it OFF. We pray for you to Repent of your sin’s and trust Him as your Savior. For God so Loved the World.

  2. Roberta

    I have been to Israel 3 times, love the Jewish people and strongly support what Lighthouse Trails believes
    about Israel and the Jews. I believe Yeshua, Jesus is the Messiah. I also learned while in Israel that many Jewish people believe that Yeshua is the Messiah but have not stated it publicly.

  3. Any attempt to transfer the promises given to the nation of Israel to the Church is rooted in anti-Semitism. When the church tries to take for herself the blessings given to the nation of Israel they are guilty of putting themselves in the role of Ishmael. THE CHURCH IS NOT ISRAEL. THE COVENANTS AND BLESSINGS PROMISED TO ISRAEL IN THE OLD TESTAMENT STILL BELONG TO ISRAEL. GOD STILL HAS A PLAN FOR THE NATION OF ISRAEL THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CHURCH. The relationship that God has with Israel is an EVERLASTING covenant relationship that is wrapped up in the Abrahamic Covenant. The Abrahamic Covenant contains everlasting, unconditional promises that were made to Abraham concerning his seed line through Isaac .
    Many of the Reformation leaders such as Martin Luther and John Calvin hated Jews. The Reformers and their Roman Catholic mother were guilty of genocide because it was their habit to persecute and murder Jews and Bible believing Christians. Adolph Hitler and his SS first learned their hatred and persecution of the Jews from the Roman Catholic Church. The German government’s idea of tagging the Jews with yellow badges came straight out of fourteenth century Roman Catholicism. Because the Reformers and the Roman Catholic Church hated the Jews, their theology was tailor made to justify the persecution and murder of the Jews and to usurp the blessings and promises that God has given to his chosen people (the Jews). Though this pagan, worldly church is willing to usurp and claim the blessings given to Israel, they are unwilling to claim the curses that come from their disobedience.
    If Israel was deserving of persecution and murder because they rejected the Lord Jesus Christ, then much more so the pagan, apostate professing church of today that has rejected the Lord Jesus Christ for Satan and the doctrines of devils. We make that statement in a tongue and cheek fashion. We are not advocating violence against unbelievers, apostates, and heretics. It is unscriptural to take up carnal weapons in defense of the faith (2 Corinthians 10:3-4). The violence perpetrated against Jews and Bible believing Christians by the Roman Catholic Church, Martin Luther and his followers , John Calvin and his followers, Ulrich Zwingli and his followers, the Anglican Church in England and America, and any other religious persecutor in any land is worse than the Islamic terror of today because so-called “Christians” ought to know better. God is also going to avenge the persecution, torture, and murder of Christians and Jews at the hands of Muslims.
    Any church or denomination that takes upon itself the role of persecuting or setting aside Israel is guilty of being of the synagogue of Satan and is a part of the bride of the Antichrist (Revelation 17). The heresy that says the promises given to Israel have been forfeited to the Church is called Replacement Theology. Replacement Theology is theologically systemized anti-Semitism and is a damnable heresy.

  4. Douglas Magill

    People who profess to be Christians but who are anti-Isra’el and anti-Semitic are obviously not genuine born again Christians, it is impossible for someone who has genuinely believed in and received Adonai Yehoshua HaMashiach (The Lord Jesus The Messiah) as Saviour and Lord and is born again by the Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit) and therefore has a genuine relationship with Adonai Yehoshua HaMashiach (The Lord Jesus The Messiah) and who has the Ruach HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit) living in them, to be anti-Isra’el and anti-Semitic.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    Question: Is John Piper’s Bethlehem College anti-semitic? Christ at the Checkpoint conferences are.

  6. John F Brooks

    I”m not surprised that many Christians are turning against Israel,The word of God says that the whole world would be against them.Personally i do not have anything against them i know that they need Jesus and i just pray for them. God Bless

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