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  1. JDV

    “The trouble today is that people are stumbling over its very simplicity.”

    Even today, one might not have seen a clear priority for showing distinctions and separation of works from salvation by grace through faith, such as the distinctions that appear to be made in Ephesians 2:8-10 and Titus 3:5-8. Sadly, that might come from people trained at modern seminaries.

    Instead, talk of “cheap grace” (one might recall the term being used by evident NeoCal favorite Diedrich Bonhoeffer) may appear to predominate, potentially wielded as a strawman as far as hypothetical people who go to ‘altar calls’ and pray ‘sinner’s prayers’ but have no concept of where spiritual growth belongs. There also might be talk of the “whole gospel“, throwing in sanctification / “holiness“ and indicating there is more to “the gospel“ than what is specified in Scripture.

    All of a sudden, “the gospel“ might be represented as salvation by grace through faith PLUS the works needing to be sufficiently in evidence — particularly because some may insist one needs to “keep“ those works to show progressive sanctification and even maintain their salvation. That could be under the guise of saying there’s more “good news“ in what they label the “whole gospel”.

    Might that be fertile ground for saying spiritual formation and disciplines are needed for maintenance of works (or more euphemistically termed, for contemplating the deeper things of God as part of one’s spiritual development)? Might that occur with a heavy influence from a denominational profession or two which may be prone to adding works to salvation by grace through faith, rather than having works and sanctification in their proper Scriptural places?

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