1. Tabitha

    Thank you for this! I could not agree more wholeheartedly. This is a major issue in the church today, and so, so many are falling prey to this deception.

  2. T. I. Miller

    John Burnett arumentum ad populum is a logical fallacy. Majority does not prove something to be true. More people were shouting crucify him than were not. The whole world once believed that the world was flat. One must be born from above by faith alone to receive the Holy Spirit. Those who do not have the spirit seek for for something deeper through mystical meditations.

  3. Willie de Beer

    To John – you said ” The 2nd largest Christian group in the world, Eastern Orthodoxy, comprised of some 300 million adherents, maintains a 2000 tr old ascetic ” This shows you that the way to hell is a very broad way,and many go astray on that broad road. Even millions.

  4. Jeffry

    In Johns Gospel, The Lord Jesus Christ tells us I am The Way, The Truth and The Life. No man cometh unto The Father, but by me. John 14:6. The only way to Heaven is by trusting the Lord Jesus as your savior. Buddhism, Hinduism and all the eastern Mysticism religions began at the Tower of Babel. Find in Book of Genesis. Man attempting to reach God his way. God confounded their 1 language and sent them scattered all over the world. The New Age religion is as old as the Bible. To use the Patristic Fathers does not help the comment made by John earlier. Those Fathers gave us the Worship of Mary. Purgatory. The Lord’s Supper [the Eucharist] that sadly crucifies the Lord every mass. I could add more but will not. Sin has separated us from God. The Lord paid for those sins when He died and was buried and was raised from the dead the third day telling us God was satisfied with His Sons perfect sacrifice. How does God save? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

  5. CW

    What I’ve noticed in all these people and the “new spirituality” they promote is that the Bible, the Holy Word of God, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life is not considered to “be enough”. There MUST be something “beyond that”, something mysterious, unknowable, something which the Bible does not teach and the Holy Spirit does not lead believers into. That is why this whole issue is so dangerous — people are not satisfied with the Lord, they are not satisfied with all He has given us (more blessings than we could ever grasp!) — no, they are hungry for “more”, more than the Lord Himself. This truly frightens me for them, because it is how all cults begin. It begins with Satan tantalizing people with the words “Did the Lord say…?” as though the Lord has denied us something we need. It all begins with that big fat lie of the devil.

  6. admin

    Whether the author ever met Richard Rohr or not has no bearing on what this article is saying. Someone can be the nicest person in the world but still be leading people in the wrong direction. One person the author did meet was Richard Foster. At that meeting, Foster revealed to Ray Yungen his devotion to Thomas Merton’s eastern-style meditation, believing that it would “awaken” God’s people.

  7. Anna Rosa

    That comment by John is truly sad. No one is denying that they had this ‘tradition’ for centuries. The article provides facts about the dangers of what is truly happening. And we have a saying within Biblical Christianity: When you think you know better than the Bible, then you are a heretic. Now with that said there is a difference between what the article describes and the real, as with all real versus counterfeit issues. There are cases in the Bible of ‘hearing from God’ after praying, such as with Peter, Ananias concerning Saul, etc. The difference lies in whether or not pagan practices are used. Anyway, I came here looking for some camaraderie and that is the only other comment I see, how sorrowful. Thank you guys for all you do in this ministry and don’t let these types get you down! You are appreciated and needed, it’s an emergency!

  8. Steve Kurz

    I wonder if this writer has ever met with and spoken with Richard Rohr. I have when I was in my late teens and early twenties. At that time he was a profound influence on my spirituality. And that influence continues today at age 64. I hope that sometime the writer will be able to meet with and talk with Richard personally.

  9. John Burnett

    The most ill informed, presumptive and biased article on contemplative spirituality i’ve ever encountered. The 2nd largest Christian group in the world, Eastern Orthodoxy, comprised of some 300 million adherents, maintains a 2000 tr old ascetic / contemplative tradition. We have a saying in Orthodoxy: ” when you think you know better than the Patristic Fathers, you are a heretic.

  10. Anna Rosa

    Yes, these are two opposite poles; the truth of the cross and gospel of salvation in the Bible, and at the other end the new age deception and lie of the devil. You can only come to God through the cross. The verse that comes to mind is in Romans 1 about how they worshipped the creation more than the creator. (Which also denies pantheism). It is a truth of two kingdoms and there is no unity between them. It is shocking how far astray this leads them, even into the abominable one world religion and occult, and they still claim it is compatible with Christianity, when the Bible contradicts everything they now believe! But, it would not be deception otherwise.

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