1. Liz

    In publishing there is a area called Derivative Copyright. This essentially means that publishers must change the content of a periodical significantly (namely in this case, the Bible), in order to create a new version to be sold. Have you ever wondered why there are SO many Bibles in a bookstore or online? The King James Version is the only authorized version and it is not copyrighted. The NIV completely omits an entire verse in Acts 8:37 where Philip states, “…I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God.” This is a true example of Derivative Copyright. Lastly, years ago I saw a television interview with Eugene Peterson who stated that the reason he wrote The Message is because—his publisher asked him to.
    Woe to them who change the Word of God for their profit. See Revelation 22: 18-19. Thank you Lighthouse Trails Research for all you do!

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    This is why Eugene Petersen should never have written The Message version of the Bible. He changed the meaning that God intended. Homosexuality is very clearly condemned in the original versions of the Bible and it is a gross sin affecting their health, soul and mind and others around them (family}. Messianic Jews are careful never to use the Message Bible, since it is anti-semitic. It is sad to think that many evangelicals have used this version.

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