1. Elizabeth Bennett

    There is much more sexual immorality in the churches using the spiritual formation, according to my son, who is a missionary. It is very alarming to see this happening to our children and young people. The Emergents and Progressives are not taking care of our families.

  2. Carol

    Laverty is a male who trashed to female, and his wife a female stranded to male. Ironically, Laverty pointing his brother’s, aberrant behavior as worse than his own, since the world has accepted his behavior “acceptable.”. This is so sad in so many ways! It’s easy to say what should have been done, and much could have been done . As a parent, I can’t even wrap my head around it all. So much grief! It’s so insidious, so much to unravel, so sad!

  3. Shannon

    “Daniel” is a female, pretending to be a male. I’m saddened by so many replies to the full article hailing HER as a hero…This is all messed up. Sin abounds…Praying for God’s Light of Truth to shine on this whole situation, and hearts to be rended before the throne of our Holy God.

  4. CW

    I was not able to reply to my message below, so I’m posting this here: Oops, correction. Please excuse my inadvertent error. “Daniel” is not a brother. She is the other sister. Such denial and outright lies are plenty bad enough in the world — when they infect the Body of Christ, they are dangerous!

  5. CW

    WOW. I had no idea this pastor’s family was so riddled with such severe issues. I feel so sorry for the pastor’s wife and daughter (who is said to be keeping her child(ren) away from the younger brother, Johnny). I don’t know, maybe the wife is okay with the sin in their family(?) if she has bought into the whole “emergent” thing.

    “Emergent” is just a euphemism for “God-rejecting” (at least the one true God), “Bible-rejecting”, unGodly, unBiblical, open to all sorts of lies of the devil, corrupted by the enemy of all men’s souls.

    According to God’s own Word (1 or 2 Timothy, maybe other scriptures), John Ortberg should not be a pastor! It is so sad and tragic that some churches (including the one he came from, Willow Creek) have such low unBiblical standards for their pastors/leaders. How the Body of Christ needs not just revival, but true life-changing conversion such as we see throughout the New Testament!

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