1. John Coombes

    To JP’s comment I add.
    As a South African cursed with one of the most corrupt Marxist-driven governments it is disturbing as an outsider to see a man like Trump being endorsed by so many evangelicals. His form of corruption is in direct conflict with Biblical principles. Biden is worse of course.
    I watch Forbes on YouTube and find the congressional/senate committee investigations almost entertaining if it was not so sad to see how dishonest and evasive many of the witnesses are. And I ask myself why is a younger man like Hawley NOT being groomed by the GOP as their potential candidate? And then there is Ted Cruze and John Kennedy. None of the triumvirate take any prisoners.
    But I am a foreigner unversed in your country’s political business.
    But surely there must be better candidates?

  2. Debbie

    I have to disagree with the previous comment…the “church” in America is far from uniting over anything much less behind Donald Trump. The “Progressive” (ie: Leftist) churches are strongly opposed to Donald Trump who is the most pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-America and anti Globalist president we’ve ever had – That is what’s is truly disturbing!

  3. J. P.

    Seeing the church unite behind Donald Trump, a man who professes to represent Christianity, is both eye-opening and disturbing. This is obviously a reflection of the times and a lack of discernment displayed by people claiming to have it.

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