1. John J

    T.I. Miller, false prophets/teachers/movements threaten (note the blatant rudeness of most Calvinists, even when they are not cornered) when they are cornered, and the time will come when that threat will openly contain violence. They believe they are God’s officially self-appointed heavenly brigade, and they use any verse to mean what they want it to mean (because God is ‘sovereign,’ and so they can’t be wrong, because it has been written before the Mississippi River was formed).
    Or whatever.

  2. T. I. Miller

    Rom 1:32 Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.
    It is written in plain Greek that God equates the approval of ungodly deeds as bad as doing ungodly deeds.
    Approving a false teacher is just as sinful as being a false teacher, in the eyes of God. Is ignorance an excuse? Is ignorance still an excuse when LTRM sends them correct information and they shrug it off?
    Many are quick to attack LTRM for being deviceive rather than working for unity. Yet the real problems are the ones who are so of pride that will not listen to the truth. Further what unity can light have with darkness?
    Matt. 18:15-18 is only applicable to confronting someone who has sinned against YOU personally. In Matt. 23 Jesus publicly blasted all of the spiritual leaders of His day. Nowhere do we read that He talked to them in private first. People who openly deceive in public need to be openly confronted in public. The stark warning of Ezek. 33 must also be considered. Paraphrased it warns us all that; blood guilt will be upon the hands of those who see danger and yet refuse to warn others of the danger.
    Lastly the phrase, “the Lords anointed” is used almost exclusively to OT kings of Israel under the Law of Moses. Calling any pastor the Lords anointed is un-biblical utter nonsense. That phrase cannot be found in the NT.

  3. L.A. Goodridge

    I was shocked when I first learned David Jeremiah is a supporter of Roma Downey. I had always considered him a sound teacher. We must be constantly on guard, and in prayer for discernment, in the troublesome times.

  4. John J

    BG; no, don’t worry, I get you. The devil is a flirter and indeed soft-spoken and a false light. Here’s a thing to remember: the stronger our foundation is in Christ, in other words, if we realize what we are in Him, then these deceivers can come-a-knocking, one after another and it will have zero negative effect.

    You’re right, people buy into these things because of what they perceive (that TV series did not have one ounce of biblical truth in it, and yet people in my area sat glued to watch the emotive play on feelings.)
    It’s good that you speak out. Now use that same enthusiasm and bring the simple gospel to those who are lost. Wouldn’t it be such a good feeling to know you are effectively nullifying the devil and his helpers’ work?
    Jesus is the one true light; there is no other (and He has asked us to be the light too).

  5. It is a scary thing for someone to have read the Bible and then come up with their own ideas of how things should be, or believe that God told them what to say.
    Lies and changing the truth to fit ones own beliefs is a sin so great, they cannot possibly understand what they are doing.

    We are truly living the scriptures that talk of these things. How long will the Lord tolerate this? God is truly long-suffering, but He will not be mocked. Whether in this life or the next, they will receive His judgment…and it won’t be merciful, because they will have brought it upon themselves.

    My heart aches for the truth to come out, but their own pride would never allow them to be the brunt of people’s judgment of them; yet how much better it would be for their sins to find them out now, before they die.

    We will all answer for what we have done in our lives, but I am thankful I won’t be answering at the Great White Throne Judgment. I would say God have mercy on their souls, but He only will if they repent.

  6. John J

    Applause. From deceivers like MacArthur to the “spirit”-filled Oprah in one article; yeah, they all belong in the same deceiver’s basket, and that’s about all one needs to know to run away from them, always.

  7. BG

    People are sucked into this stuff. Roma is very charming an she and Williamson make the world seem like a Utopia if you just follow their crazy belief system. I once was a fan of Touched by an Angel and Roma when I found out what she was really about. I threw out a series of it I had bought. These people don’t believe in the Bible nor Almighty God. I love Della Reese’s voice but it’s hard to listen to her. These people are the ruination of many and leading them to hell. Don’t get on me for saying that. Read the Bible this stuff has no place in society and is very destructive. People love soft spoken language. Just remember the devil comes in many forms.

  8. Linda

    Yes, we must warn!
    Expose the false teaching, the error, the sin, and name names! That is all Biblical. Paul named names, John named names, and that of false teachers deceiving the church. We must do so as well.
    And the wolves twist scripture about division and unity. Romans 16; 17-18 explains that it is the false teachers who bring in division by the false teaching, and that we must mark them and divide from them. They are the ones destroying true unity, not us. We must divide with heresy and heretics as there is no true unity with that. You can’t take a pure glass of water, drip a drop of poison in it, and drink it because it was only a little. You must separate the poison from the water to preserve the water for drinking. The water does not cleanse the poison, but rather the poison pollutes the water. That is why we must separate. We must warn for the sake of the souls in jeopardy. Discernment ministry is like the sheep dog who protects the sheep from the wolves. Don’t wait for the wolves to warn the sheep, they are the ones threatening the sheep dog for doing it!

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