1. Sandra Lee Smith

    “Those who accept it and embrace it prove by doing so that they are damned.” This comment sums it all up rightly. I was s student nurse when the APA and DSM publishers were literally extorted into “accepting” homosexuality as “normal” and taking it off the behavioral disorders lists in the DSMs from there forward. In very short order after the next new DSM came out, NAMBLA was angling for like acceptance; if you aren’t sure what NAMBLA is; it’s a pedophile ring (North American Man Boy Love Association). Thankfully I learned to recognize homosexuality and all it’s little offshoots that we’re surrounded by today, for the delusional beliefs they are, and I refuse to accept them as otherwise than that!

  2. Barb

    So, so true. The first step was to remove Mom from the home. I remember as a teenager when my only ambition was to be a wife and mother, but the school system began to constantly push all girls to plan for college and professional careers. It was the height of the feminist movement and they promised that women who wanted to be homemakers would certainly still be able to do so. Well, we see how that worked out. Most mothers now must work outside the home. The stress on families is incredible and we see the results in the number of divorces, unwed pregnancy, and abortion. The consequences reverberate on and on and the pundits speculate on why there is so much depression, drug and alcohol abuse and suicide. Mothers used to be the fiercest protectors of their children physically and spiritually, but now they are too busy and we see the flood of immorality that has swept in while they are otherwise occupied.

  3. CW

    I learned about Satan’s war on children first-hand when I was pregnant with mine. The spiritual warfare was unbelievably oppressive, in virtually every way, shape and form. I had to stay in God’s Word every day, praying and seeking Him. He watched over me and the babies and took care of us in unusual and miraculous ways (some medical professionals were astounded), for which I give Him ALL the Glory! I encourage all pregnant moms who are Bible-believing Christians to expect the warfare, be prepared for it, take unto themselves the Armor of God, and stand strong against the wiles of the devil by the Mighty power of God. He Is Able to do what no man can do!

  4. Anna Rosa

    As for dating, I have much to say as that resonates with me so much. I tried dating a while back and just gave it up. I also hear from other single Christian women in the same situation. Men only care about the carnal issues, like they are looking over some slaves at a market. Women are sexually objectified. All they care about is sending them a photo and if it is sexy, like you’re just a piece of meat. So many married ‘Christian’ men are addicted to porn (always a sin) and can’t be natural with their wives. Even men calling themselves ‘Christian’ don’t want to wait until marriage for sex, and if you make them (because no one can force you to sin), you will stay a single female like me (and honorably so). On Christian dating sites that is all you find, or at churches, and they are all apostasized in one form or another anyway. There just is no one out there. All the ‘good’ ones in church are married and there are hardly any single men anyway. I heard stories of younger ones in other churches just preying on the young ladies. I’m older and divorced and am fine but I thank God that I am not a young maiden looking for love out there! It’s a scary place. So be careful and don’t compromise, you are worth the wait ladies!

  5. Anna Rosa

    So true! I am from the older generation and my mom had me later in life so she tells me about how things were before WWII. It was SO different! Of course not all things, but life in general. I see that today, children have no more innocence. Even the kindergarteners have purple mohawks, brand name shoes, dress like gang members, are rude and defiant to adults, use profanity, play guns, play violent computer games, are obsessed with the occult and evil movies, and know all about sex. Yes, in kindergarten! It is a travesty. And all the other stuff that they are being indoctrinated with all over adds to it. I noticed a connection, so many women are getting abortions now (not a right) and later when they do have kids, they tend to value them less, like they too are expendable, they just got lucky. Parents don’t raise their children, they pretty much let them grow up in the wild now, like an after thought. And all of them are too busy looking at social media on their ipads to care about anything or anyone.

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