1. CW

    Correction: I meant to say Black Liberation Theology below, which is a façade for Marxism. GotQuestions.org has a great explanation of its basis and beliefs.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    This video was cut off for some reason in the middle. Wish I could have seen it all. When I try to explain to Christians that never before have our churches, schools, businesses, sports, musical activities (fine arts, opera, large choirs) been mandated to shut down for a virus, including regular medical procedures and appts., dentists, etc. , these Christians seem to think that this lockdown was necessary because of the virus. The lockdown I think was political and evil and not connected to science. The virus, created in a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, China and sent around the world was a statement made by the Communist Chinese government. The models and mandates for us were wrong, as were the experts near our President. I am dismayed at how easily many Americans were fooled into obeying these ridiculous rules that Dem governors are forcing us to obey if we are Christians or in church. Meanwhile, looters and rioters are paid by the left to destroy and steal private and public property. They do not have to wear masks or stay 6 ft. apart. The double standard is appalling. I heard one Chop resident say that they have to destroy this country in order to rebuild it. Conservatives are dragged to court or imprisoned while real criminals on the left roam free in America.

  3. CW

    I remember hearing much about how Communists sought to capitalize on racial division (and stoke it) in the 1960s, and I have been saddened in recent years while reading accounts of Black people who were deceived by them into abandoning their Christian roots and beliefs, transferring their allegiance to Marxism, thinking that would bring true peace and unity.

    Some of them went into the Black Islam movement (like Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali) and some went into the so-called Black Liberation Movement, which is a façade for Marxism. (Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was aligned with men of both of those groups) 🙁

    So this account is so refreshing, so exciting! I look forward to reading the Nathans’ book. God Bless Them, and may their tribe increase!! 🙂

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