Pentecost 2007 … A Step Closer to Global Unity … A Step Further From Gospel Truth

This year’s Pentecost 2007 will take place on June 3rd – 6th in Washington DC. Invited speakers include emerging church leader, Brian McLaren, Bill Hybel’s wife–Lynne Hybels (Willow Creek), and liberal mystic-proponent Jim Wallis. Last fall, we reported on Pentecost 2006, stating: This summer’s Pentecost 2006 conference, titled “Building a Covenant for a New America,” … [Read more…]

A Movement That Left Falwell Behind

  Excerpt from a Time magazine article: May 17, 2007 by Nancy Gibbs Time magazine Today’s young evangelicals on campus still have their heroes and their causes, but it’s less likely to be Falwell and James Dobson fighting abortion and gay marriage than Bono and Rick Warren leading the way on addressing poverty and “creation … [Read more…]

Rick Warren and Another Possible Presidential Candidate Meet Together

Recently, contemplative/emerging proponent Rick Warren stated that he was not interested in politics or in being a diplomat. That statement was said on the heels of his visit to Syria where he met with Syria’s president as well as the Grand Mufti (partly to discuss his P.E.A.C.E. Plan). Shortly after his trip to Syria, possible … [Read more…]