1. Peggy

    Thank you for the examples given which makes it so simple and clear of what Calvinism fundamentally is really about and how dangerous it is.

    I have heard someone trying to explain (Calvinism in one way) that God knows everything from beginning to end, so he knows already who is going to be saved and who is lost.

    Is it from hereon that false teaching of ‘no choice’ has evolved?

  2. S.M.

    Sharing the gospel with internationals who come to our country, I like to read salvation testimonies of those who come to Christ from other religions (mainly from the ones I interact with regularly). These testimonies are not only encouraging, but they also give me insight into the perspectives and thought processes of those born into different religions and cultures. One particular time while looking for a testimony to read, I stumbled upon a website for Ex-muslims who have become atheists. I cannot recall this man’s story of going atheist word for word, but here’s the main gist. He saw the holes, lies, contradictions, and ugliness of Islam, and while he was leaving his religion of birth, he didn’t want to leave “God” all together, so he looked into Christianity. Then he says something very close to this: “When I saw that god already arbitrarily chose some people for Heaven and others for Hell, then I realized that this god was no different from the awful god of Islam that I grew up with and decided then and there to have nothing to do with a god.”

  3. John J

    Thanks, Ed. Your experience is as it is worldwide with that unbiblical “theology.”
    Stay strong and push on.

  4. By the grace of God, I street evangelize on a daily basis and, recently, while talking to people and passing out tracts at a gas station a man I approached looked up at me with utter contempt and angrily told me to get away from him. He then informed me that he was a youth pastor at a very large multi campus Megachurch in my area and had been taught that we have no freewill and that God picks certain people for heaven or hell with the lost having no chance to be saved. He said that as soon as he learned that “the Bible taught that,” he was done with Christianity forever. I tried to explain to him that if someone doesn’t believe (and teach) John 3:16 means exactly what it says (God loved the WORLD and WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH is saved)then they are gnostic fatalists (Aka Calvinists), not Christian and Jesus clearly stated that he loves all and died for all.
    He laughed, never changing his angry, mocking expression, waved his arms at me after saying Christianity is stupid, and drove off. That…is the wages of Calvinism and it is worth fighting with all we Bible believers have in us. It slanders God’s character and nullifies his glorious gospel. May we never give an inch to that rapidly metastasizing “theology.”

  5. John J

    Thank you for once again openly warning against Calvinist/Reformed Colleges; there is simply no bigger threat to bona fide Christianity. One can work with a New Ager, an atheist, or an agnostic and get further than anyone under Calvin, Luther, Augustine, Sproul’s evil, control-freak, neurotic “god.” The Holy Spirit does not force himself on anyone; He simply points to the truth (Jesus), and fairly leaves the decision up to the person to accept/reject God’s gift of salvation, which is there for whomsoever. Thank you, Lighthouse, for not buckling under the rudeness of so many Calvinists.

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