1. Elizabeth Bennett

    Castles in the Sand, a composite of real experiences shows that contemplative/spiritual formation groups are really cults. Very scary! I read this book many yrs. ago.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    My Christian friend sat in on an eastern meditation class in our senior gated community just to see what was going on in there. The leader said that there was one spirit that was disturbing the activity of this class. It was the presence of my Christian friend!

  3. Stephanie

    Jerialice and Jeffry, I’m so glad you guys are saved and know Jesus now! That’s amazing! Oh, wow. I just found out that like thee Christian University and Seminary in my area encourages contemplative spirituality… at least from what I can tell. This is a very well done novel (chapter), though I didn’t read all of it; what Dr. Frank Johnson talked about started giving me the heebie-jeebies.

  4. JDV

    The quest to declare one’s self as God is reminiscent of Isaiah 14:14: ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.’

  5. Jerialice

    Thank you for this…I went thru a long journey coming out of the new age. This was after some experiences that made me know there was God. I just didn’t know Who he was. I moved out the city I was in and left everything behind. I became involved with my neighbors who were a very small Mormon offshoot. When I was coming out of that, I went to a little local Methodist church for help getting out of the cult. The6 sent me home with these prayers! Wow. That was ten years ago and every morning I sit here and study. I’m glad I came across your site. And I’m glad Jesus came and got me and stayed with me during my wandering! Keep up the good work!

  6. Jeffry

    I went to a private college over 45 years ago. I decided to go to a Transcendental Meditation meeting to see what it was about. The meeting almost filled all the seats. The leader of the meeting came in and said let us begin. I closed my eyes like the rest of the class did. After a few minutes I opened my eyes to the stare of the leader right at me. She said this is a advanced meditation class. She then asked me to leave. As I left she said to the class, let us begin again. I never went back again. Her stare was penetrating. She seemed to be in another world. The Lord saved me ten years later. After being saved I began to see the battle between 2 worlds. Thank you again Lighthouse for standing up for the truth.

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