1. David Ingram

    The movie Moonfall made by a homosexual Jewish filmmaker is all about “ saving the earth” by eliminating an “evil force” inside the moon which is causing the earth to have catastrophic disaster. That evil force is shown as a serpent energy force inside the moon which has the face of the Star of David. The Star of David can only be seen for a split second once or twice in the movie. Nevertheless it’s there! Talk about hatred for the Jews! This is wickedness!! The creator of the the movie is Roland Emmerich. Has anyone seen this movie? The message is destroy the evil serpent force(Star of David) and the earth will be saved. Wow!

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    It is sad that Christmases come and go every year and some churches never inform their congregation that Joseph, Mary and Jesus were practicing Jews who were faithful to their Judaic faith, attending Temple and synagogue services. The Bible also states that thousands of Jews believed in Jesus when He was here on earth. It is not true that all Jews rejected Jesus, yet many pastors preach that Jews rejected Jesus. Because we are living in end times there are many Messianic congregations springing up in Israel and in the U.S. Let us pray that hardened hearts among Jewish populations will be softened towards their own Messiah. Synagogues throughout the centuries have been purposely omitting Messianic passages from the Torah readings because they sound too much like Jesus. Isaiah 53 and many other passages are not read in the synagogues. If only Jews could read their own Torah at home, all of it, or better still, the whole Bible, Old and New Testaments!

  3. nng

    Antisemitism is everywhere even on ‘Conservative’ media. I check Zero Hedge (just to mention one) now and then and check the comments and most are antisemitic. There are plenty of pastors too that are pushing antisemitism. When I see it, and can I refute it using scripture I DO. One lady who owns a nursery who is not a citizen of the US but from Canada has been in the US for many years. She is a church goer. I met her at the tire store and when she saw my Star of David necklace, she was angry. She said I am not very happy with them! I went home and wrote about a 3-page letter showing what God thinks of Israel and how God gave the land of Israel TO THE JEWS FOREVER. I drove by the nursery a few months later and on her sign, it said Shalom. Though I never heard from her again, I think she got the message.

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