1. Jon

    Val. I think the left persecutes Zionists more than Jews. They see the Zionists as oppressors of the Arab peoples, that have Christians in their ranks too I might add. As I’m sure you know, all Jews aren’t Zionists including the Orthodox. But, oddly enough, if you do some research you will find that much of the historic left in both the US and Europe had a lot of Jewish ties. Still kind of a mystery to me. Jon

  2. Frank C Goss

    I agree with Andrews sentiment. Division within the church is rampant…and also, one should consider the history of the SBC. It’s origins were solidly “Calvinistic”.

    Moeller is not my representative. Christ is. I hide in Him.

  3. Frank C Goss

    I do not agree with Moeller, BLM, CRT, or intersectionality. I am appalled by the thought that this has been accepted into the Resolutions of the Southern Baptist, but not surprised. They are losing multitudes of congregants, forsaking truth, and looking for a means to stop the exodus.

    They seem to be relying on world’s method of attraction.

    However, this does not assault Reformed doctrine any more than the lack of sincere involvement of those sitting in the pews in the majority of Southern Baptist churches suggest that the SBC teaches poor and vacuous theology. The issue is the heart and mind.

  4. Andrew, regarding your comment, “He [Calvin] was so much more than an expositor of election. Calvin is actually widely considered to be “The Theologian of the Holy Spirit.” He definitely was so much more given that he was directly or indirectly responsible for the executions of at least 36 people. For that reason alone, we cannot consider him to be a theologian of God’s Spirit.

  5. Andrew

    I’m a little late to the game on this blog post, but the issue has been resurrected and magnified in recent days. I so greatly appreciate the thoughts on CRT and the church. This article should stand as a helpful resource to many believers.

    However, keep in mind that you are, ironically, quoting a reformed Calvinist preacher and theologian in Voddie Baucham. I myself am a believer who affirms the scriptural compatibility of the doctrines of grace and much of what Calvin taught (yet, I do not call myself a “Calvinist.” I take 1 Corinthians 3:4 very seriously). And I, with equal conviction, also affirm that CRT has no place in the Christian worldview or Church.

    Please keep in mind that soteriology was only one aspect of Calvin’s teaching. He was so much more than an expositor of election. Calvin is actually widely considered to be “The Theologian of the Holy Spirit.” Respectfully, it is a bit flippant to connect Calvinist theology with the acceptance of CRT.

    Just as Pastor Hamilton rightly condemns CRT for assigning corporate sin to groups or categories of people, I wonder if it’s fair to say that your appendix is, in essence, doing the same thing among the brethren.

  6. Jeffry

    Thank you Lighthouse for this warning for all Christians. The Black Lives Matter movement is right out of Satans playbook. Karl Marx called Religion the opium of the people. Marx was a satanist who hated God. All of our Government workers that have been kneeling down these last few weeks are showing submission and agreeing with B.L.M. That Racism comes from white privilege in America and Europe. Do we understand Christians? I am a Born Again Christian. The Lord Jesus Christ washed away my sins. I trusted Him as my personal Savior. The Bible taught me to love all people. Jew and Gentile alike. Dark or light skinned. All People!!! The Bible is clear about this. I would not bow the knee because what B.L.M. Is telling us is a lie. Remember to a Marxist truth is a lie and a lie is truth. We live in the last days. Even so Come Lord Jesus!

  7. Dawn Street

    I am a born again believer. I remember the day God called me to him in the backyard of my home in rural Texas. My faith must be very simple because I believe in the literal interpretation of God’s Word. He reveals so much to me through His Word. I do not understand Calvinism or CRT. I am not sure how I managed to get through college without being tainted by Marxism, Darwinism, Nietzche or all the rest. Based on my faith in God and in His Son Christ Jesus I could never make any sense of the other stuff. It seemed trivial and useless to me. I don’t understand why people are enthralled by it, embrace it or believe in it. I don’t even understand Oprah’s philosophy.

    I am 74 years old. I prefer my theology Bible based. I had Rick Warren shoved down my throat several years ago and others have tried it since. No, it is fake. I used to teach Bible classes to adults but they were not really interested in what the Bible says. They were enthralled with what Beth Moore, Rick Warren and Hybell had to say. I have pretty much given up on the mainstream church. I still belong to an SBC but … only because out of the 3 churches in my community it seems to stay closest to the Word. The Disciples of Christ Church’s Lesbian pastor lives with her significant other openly and boldly. The Methodist Church is now embroiled with the LGBTQ controversy and the embargo movement against Israel. The SBC went off the tracks about 3-4 years ago full-blown Rick Warren. We tried 2 other Baptist churches in nearby towns (rural area) and discovered they were also infected with the Rick Warren dogma.

    Since my husband is disabled, we mainly stay at home. I share my thoughts/beliefs/observations on blogs like this one or in emails to my friends and family and on my FB page also friends and family. Pray for those of us who are being driven away from the church by those who refuse to read the Word and abide in it. I have been a Christian since I was 7 years old.

  8. Excellent article and I agree, this Obamaism (Critical Race Theory) has stretched far and wide in churches. And within the church context, it appears to be accepted through the false god John Calvin who was a humanist and antisemite.

    You notice, these race agitators never mention Jews by name, they mainly focus on blacks and a minute portion on brown ethnic groups, though excluding Jews. The Jewry is the most persecuted people on the planet and always have been, outside of Christians. Reformers take Jews out of the picture in Scripture and it appears from Christianity as a whole. And is it any wonder, Russell Moore built a mosque for Muslims? This pseudo ethics’ movement is one with Islam which is about eliminating the Jewish race.

    Within liberal Christiandom, it holds a desire to remove strong believers who believe in the Scriptures from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 from these fellowships. Behind the scenes, they implement their own “hate” agendas to do so.

    Love to all the discerning ones, Val Lee

  9. Mike, you said, “For the first time I feel that LHT was not completely fair in using this one thing to explain the other. It seemed really forced to me.” We have been writing about Calvinism for some time now, and have at times tied it in to the issues at hand. This wasn’t the first time and definitely not the most in depth. For instance, in our article about Josh Harris’ announcement that he was departing from the Christian faith, we connected the dots to show how the influence of Calvinism played a role. https://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=30549.

  10. Chas

    From the article:

    And any group that claims to represent that Cross (e.g., SBC) should have nothing to do with the world’s “solutions” that will never work but rather should be proclaiming the Gospel to an unsaved, lost, and hurting world.

    Bold, mine.

    I agree, but the problem with “proclaiming the Gospel” is that the majority of “gospel” preachers today do not know the meaning of “repentance” as it pertains to salvation.

    As long as repentance is taught to be “turning from sin” instead of what it really is–a change of mind causing one to turn from any means of salvation other than believing in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross–the false gospel of lordship “salvation” (LS) will dominate, and the many attacks on the true Gospel will continue. This CRT business is only one of many attacks.

    As for “Reformed” Calvinism, LS is one of its many components. It’s no accident that Calvinists are staunch promoters of LS (though not all LS-ers would call themselves Calvinists).

  11. Mike

    I am not a Calvinist but I do believe in God’s sovereignty in saving souls. I think the bible teaches it. I couldn’t do a good job of explaining what Calvin says about it. And so you can see why I was taken back by your addendum. You did a great job with the CRT issue. It would have been good to stop there in my opinion because it seemed really far reaching to say the CRT issue is related to Calvinism or Lutheranism or Catholicism, or Hinduism. Marxism, yes. Just like it would be really strange if you connected Calvinism to any other thing like contemplative prayer (that you rightfully denounce) or mysticism, or anti-Semitism. For the first time I feel that LHT was not completely fair in using this one thing to explain the other. It seemed really forced to me.

    If you really feel this way then you should have left it for another article where you could explain the connection in greater detail.

    You helped me greatly when I needed to get out of a church that was leaning into contemplative spirituality. With this article you could just as easily said that CS was due to the Calvinist doctrines of some churches. That’s how out of place your connection felt to me.

    Sorry, I think it was a mistake

  12. John J

    Oh, the calvinists and their (militant?) warnings are so predictable. Lighthouse Trails, you carry on; you’re on the right track.

    I have mentioned, in private correspondence to Lighthouse, that there are born-agains everywhere, also alluding to the fact that it is so despite the specific organizations’ “belief” systems. Calvinism is a false gospel, and it’s becoming clearer as we go towards the end of this age; like it or not.

    And Lighthouse, you are right. Not to warn (in love and with compassion for souls) against evil is much worse than playing on a “hobby horse.” Pass my lasso.

  13. Another comment came in this morning from another reader regarding Calvinism, but she mistakenly posted it on another post.

    Her comment: You should be careful in your attack on Calvinist/Reformed Christians because some of them , like me, are real solid believing Christians. There are very apostate new calvinists and reformed churches who are corrupted by liberality and modern errors. There is a huge difference and you are most definitely are not aware of this. So, when you make such a sweeping accusation you need to have studied enough to be right, which you are not in this case.

    Our Response: Lauren, Lighthouse Trails is not and has never said that there are not real Christians within the Calvinist camp. But it is in spite of the Calvinist doctrinal system, not because of it that some are believers. You have written on this blog a number of other times about this. It’s true that diligent study is needed to understand Calvinism, but not studying what other Calvinist teachers say but rather studying God’s Word, which we have and continue to do. And it is from this biblical study that we come to the conclusion that Calvinism does not represent God’s Word and His salvation.

  14. Mike,
    We have earnestly and wholeheartedly become convinced that Calvinism (especially with this younger generation of Calvinists who are virtually leading the way now) is indeed very connected and related to much of the apostasy coming into the church. We believe it is one of the main causes (not the only one) because of its very nature. Many have turned against us because of our stand on this, but we are convinced and convicted that this is what we are supposed to do. Thus, it would be negligent and wrong to not write about it when we do believe it is very much related to what is going on. This is much much more serious than a “hobby horse.”

  15. Mike

    I think we should all stick to the topic (CRT) and not attempt to link it to something else (Calvinism). I’m disappointed to see this kind of connection made just because there are some who are Calvinists and are proponents of CRT. These are totally separate issues.

    It really comes across as a hobby horse. And by the way, there are many solid believers who understand and believe the scriptures from a reformed perspective and only tie their understanding to the scriptures with no influence from or thought about Calvin. And they too believe CRT to be a dangerous road to go down.

    I’ve been a supporter of LHT for many years and I hope you’ll not be tempted in the future to use every opportunity to use hot topics of the day to fight unrelated battles. That’s what the other side does.

  16. Steven Schock

    Can anything good come from SBC? Didn’t Graham and Warren, the two most destructive people of Biblical Christianity come from SBC?

  17. Elizabeth Bennett

    Unless I am wrong, I read that John Calvin had a few dissidents burned at the stake for heresy. That sounds militant and violent to me.

  18. The original sin of the SBC was unfaithfulness to the Word. Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, and other denominations cherry-picked the Scriptures (accepting verses that seemed to allow slavery, but ignoring verses that forbade kidnapping and slave trading and refusing to help fugitive slaves). The Southern slaveholder also gave precedence to science over the Scriptures, embracing polygenism (the theory that said the different races had more than one parent—which conflicted with Acts 17:26, that all nations came from “one blood.” They also embraced the false teaching called the “curse of Ham.” The abolitionists argued against them using the Bible, but then they were mocked, rejected, and even mobbed and tarred and feathered. The SBC seems to be repeating the same mistake. They are embracing an ideology which conflicts with biblical teaching—again. It can only end in division and suffering. The root sin of the SBC wasn’t racism—it was unfaithfulness to the Lord and his Word —which produced the rotten fruit of racism and slavery. They need to repent for adding an “analytical tool” (the bitter Marxist view of the world: oppressor group v. oppressed group) to biblical truth which holds individuals accountable for their sin. Why are God’s people always being seduced away from being faithful to God’s Word?

  19. Rick Deacon

    I was wondering about Albert Mohler as I was reading this article. It does become understandable that such a repugnant doctrine as T.U.L.I.P. could descend into more false doctrine.

  20. John J

    Elizabeth, what you are seeing is Calvinism’s real face. It’s so ugly that it can’t hide any longer. To be continued. . .

  21. John J

    Oh. My. Problems in the Calvinist’s little stronghold, the SBC? Calvinists like Mohler, Platt (the social gospel pusher) and Voddie Baucham are having it out. Oh. My. Well, anything to help Calvinism fall upon itself, I say. Light has nothing to do with darkness. Years ago, a learned PhD (well, I guess one has to know something to have a PhD) born-again Christian philosopher warned against Calvinism and its latent militancy. Search, and you’ll find it, and at the time I agreed. I still do.

    Well? Anything to let this evil fall upon itself.

  22. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am horrified to see what Albert Mohler and his co-horts are doing to the Southern Baptist Convention. I guess this is the natural outcome from Emergents. This takes away individual responsibility and what it means to have a new life in Christ, irregardless of social status, race or gender. Arrogant so-called intellectuals think they know more than the Bible. Will there be faith left on the earth when Jesus returns?

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